AnswerC. Personal computer.

By Dennis McCafferty

When the company was formed in 1911, what was its name?

A. International Business MachinesB. Computing Tabulating and Recording CompanyC. Business Computing Machinery CompanyD. Recording Machinery and Computing

AnswerB. Computing Tabulating and Recording Company.

This name was the result of a merger of four companies in 1911. In 1924, it switched to IBM, which was the name of a subsidiary.

What was IBM’s first product?

A. Meat grindersB. Cheese slicersC. ClocksD. All of the above


D. Punched card machines shortly followed these, as the company evolved into a data capture/analytics giant.

What is the company’s iconic slogan?


AnswerD. THINK.

IBM icon Thomas Watson Jr. actually came up with the idea of using "Think" as a slogan when he was the head of sales at National Cash Register Co. in Dayton, Ohio.

IBM invented each of the following technologies, except for which one?

A. RAMAC, the first magnetic hard disc driveB. Floppy diskC. Personal computerD. Fortran, the first true high-level programming language

AnswerC. Personal computer.

When the IBM PC was introduced in the early 1980s, it cost $1,565, included a keyboard and monitor.

IBM researchers have won Nobel Prizes in which of the following categories?

A. LiteratureB. EconomicsC. PhysicsD. Chemistry

Answer: B (Economics) and C (Physics).

IBM researchers have won a total of five Nobel Prizes&#151one in economics and four in physics.

This article was originally published on 07-05-2011