Mission: Success

By Don Reisinger

What Makes IBM Tick?

Rometty fully understands what IBM is all about. She's been with the company 30 years, and has been involved in executive-level decision-making for decades. She knows what makes IBM tick -- and she respects that.

Mission: Success

Palmisano leaves his mark as the CEO who turned around an ailing IBM. Rometty is working to meet the company's goal of $20 million in new revenue by 2015. She has proven herself as a top executive at IBM, and a driving force behind the company's recent strides in data analytics and the cloud.

What Consumers?

If you're worried about IBM pulling a Cisco and starting to focus its efforts on consumers, don't be. IBM will always be an enterprise-focused firm, and it has no desire to change that. Is Rometty likely to try out new products? Of course. But don't expect them to be detrimental to your business.

Cloud, Cloud, Cloud

The cloud has figured big in IBM's recent moves, and Rometty will continue to lead that charge as IBM looks to move into cloud computing services. Expect the cloud to be front-and-center of IBM's strategies under Rometty, a move that observers say is likely to reshape the company's traditional outsourcing services model.

Enterprise Customers

Rometty's experience in the sales and services side of the house is good news for enterprise CIOs. She understands the enterprise, and her perspective should only help IBM's relationships with customers going forward.

Big Blue First

Unlike many other corporations in the tech sector (Apple, Salesforce, Google) IBM's century-old history of innovation that it bigger than any single individual leader. Rometty appears to have the personality to succeed in such an environment.

Palmisano’s Choice

Rometty was handpicked by Palmisano from among a number of contenders jockeying to take over IBM. Chances are, we can expect her to follow his strategy and keep his legacy going long after he leaves the company. She has Palmisano's endorsement and IBM's board clearly knows what it's doing: Unlike many large enterprises, Rometty is only the ninth CEO in Big Blue's 100-year history.

Future Vision

For years now, Rometty has been peering into the future and making smart decisions about the products, services and strategy that would be most valuable for enterprise customers. That experience will serve her well in her new role, and should put your mind at ease about where IBM is headed under her leadership.

This article was originally published on 01-05-2012