On Cloud Computing

By Dennis McCafferty

On Handling Malcontents

"I use a principle I learned as a playground leader. Put (the bully) to work. Make him a solution rather than part of a problem." -- Tony Scott, CIO at Microsoft

On Cloud Computing

"Cloud computing is not something new, but something that other people remember from the 1960s as time sharing. Virtual machines date from that era as well." -- Steve Rubinow, EVP/CIO at NYSE Euronext

On Users Driving the Enterprise

"If you don't allow people to use the tools they're comfortable with, they're going to work somewhere else." -- Becky Blalock, SVP and CIO of Southern Company

On Efficiencies in Acquisitions

"At home, you don't shut down your old computer the day you bring in your new computer. Either you give it to your kid or you keep it as a side computer. So all that gets factored into how we do our technology planning each year." -- Roger Gurnani, EVP and CIO at Verizon

On Rapidly Shifting Trends

"One of the nice things about IT is that you can predict a little bit of the future. (But) it's days that you predict. You can't predict more." -- Lewis Temares, CIO Emeritus at the University of Miami

On Today’s Software Developers

"The new ‘Digital Divas' don't like hard, structured ways of developing software. You don't have a huge amount of time for actual development phases that enable them to create something." -- Mark Mooney, SVP and CIO at McGraw-Hill Education

On Virtualization

"Virtualization is very similar to the outsourcing discussion of 10 to 15 years ago: Get your house in order before you ask somebody to else to do it. Otherwise, all you're going to get is your mess for less." -- Lynne Ellyn, SVP and CIO of DTE Energy

On Mobility and Security

"We need to figure out (how to) use a mobile phone personally and for business use, yet not open up the organization. I'm not sure we've cracked that yet." -- Ashish Gupta, Managing Director of Service Design at British Telecom

On Differences in Competition Within the Public and Private Sectors

"Once you win a (multi-year government) contract, there aren't incentives to innovate. Your incentive is to increase margins. In the consumer space, every day you're one click away from extinction." -- Vivek Kundra, First CIO of the U.S.

This article was originally published on 12-29-2011