Where's That Document?

By Don Reisinger

Beware the Juice Box

Young kids are often running around with a juice box in hand or sippy cup filled with a favorite drink. That's great for their development, but not so good for your technology. One IT exec we interviewed said it's not uncommon for kids to spill something on a laptop and fry the device's logic board.

Watch the Web Surfers

Your kids won't know which site is safe and which is not. In many cases, according to security firm Webroot, that can cause malware to find its way to your computer. Would you really want to see that happen on your office laptop?

Where's That Document?

It's bad practice, but we've all left documents open on our computers at some point or another. Not understanding that the file you've been working on might be extremely important for tomorrow's big meeting, your kid may simply close the window and move on. When the kids are around, remember to back up your files and save early and often.


Computer user forums abound with tales of kids dropping devices. In one such story, a child dropped a MacBook Air. After a trip to the Apple Store, it was revealed that the device's logic board had died in the fall Do you want to explain to IT how your kid killed your pricey device?

When Parents Are Away…

IT may tracks what employees do with laptops, but too many parents don't do the same. Consider talking to IT and asking how to monitor your children's access to the computer, so you know whether they're logging on while you're away.

Hide And Seek

One of our good friends shared how his daughter and a son decided to play hide and seek with Daddy's computer. A weekend-long search left Daddy extremely distraught. He finally found his company laptop. Outside. Under a tree.

The Great Denial

Kids don't want to get in trouble, so they'll never admit to logging onto the PC when they shouldn't or going to unsafe sites. Beware of the Great Denial and always remember to keep track of what your kids are doing. They might be too scared to be entirely honest about what they did.

Click, Click, Click

A search of security forums across the Web reveals a host of postings by parents complaining of odd spam popping up on computers after their kids had used the devices. It turns out that the children were clicking links at will without considering what they were doing. And in the process, they downloaded malware to the PC.

Smartphone Safety

Today's devices include apps, offer an intuitive, touchscreen interface, and can mean all kinds of fun to your children. But what they don't know is that those devices contain important data that you want to keep safe. Make sure you keep your corporate-connected smartphone out of your kids' hands.

Tablet Targets

Forums are full of tablets meeting bad fates at the hands of children. All the drops, spills and data concerns that exist on other devices are the same for tablets. Do your best to keep your company-deployed tablet away from your kids.

This article was originally published on 05-15-2012