Understand the five critical components of metrics.

By Dennis McCafferty

Efficiency isn’t everything.

Effectiveness - doing the right job - comes before the efficiency of doing the job right.

Value creation is key.

This means value created for entire organization, not simply for your IT silo.

Identify key stakeholders.

They can be other department leaders, vendors, partners, or customers, any of whom could have their own business value propositions potentially impacted by your lean transformation.

Understand the five critical components of metrics.

Metrics to quantify successful lean transformation must be:StrategicMeasurableActionableRelevant Timely.

Resource analysis detects waste and bottlenecks.

In terms of people, materials, processes and other impact areas, evaluate the cost or burden to your enterprise so you can pinpoint opportunities for improved alignment.

Assign team members as change agents.

These are not necessarily your senior department members. They may command a required expertise, or serve as committed influencers.

Capture lessons learned.

Know that Setbacks will occur, as will successes. Document and disseminate these across your teams to share lessons learned. This will ensure future success.

This article was originally published on 12-02-2011