By Dennis McCafferty

One half

One half of all women and men surveyed say that networking has played a role in their success.

More than one-half

More than one-half of women and men surveyed say that the average person is uncomfortable networking with members of the opposite sex at least some of the time.


53% of men polled feel it's better to focus on business first, and build a relationship later, as opposed to 47% of women who agree.


82% of men surveyed say they never feel unsafe about attending networking events at night, as opposed to 64% of women polled who feel that way.


56% of men surveyed prefer unstructured networking events, compared to 45% of women polled who do.

Beware the “98/2 Rule”

This is the assumption that the behavior of 2% of establish the reputations of the remaining 98%. This rule is often unfairly applied to members of both genders.

How Men Can Avoid Acting Sexist at Events:

Maintain eye contact with women during conversation.Stick to business-focused topics.Don't ask personal questions.

How Women Can Avoid Unwelcome Advances;

Dress professionally.Shake hands firmly, in businesslike fashion.Avoid flirting - even if you think it's innocent.

This article was originally published on 12-21-2011