Driving Under the Influence

By Dennis McCafferty

Driving Under the Influence

You use a smartphone while behind the wheel -- the equivalent of a DUI, Durvasula cautions.

Time Management

No matter what time limitations you place on using the device, you always spend longer periods on it than intended.

Divine Intervention

Friends, family members routinely call attention to your perpetual "smartphone prayer" position - attending to your device during dinner, lunches, social events, etc.

Withdrawal Symptoms

You crave your smartphone when you can't have it --during a meeting, for example -- and it distracts your focus from matters at hand.

Keeping Score

You text so much about your kid's soccer game while it's happening that you miss significant chunks of the game itself.

Constant Companion

The smartphone goes wherever you go -- to the gym, the bathroom, in bed, etc.

High Anxiety

You feel an immediate sense of panic or helplessness when you temporarily lose your device.

Always On

Checking your smartphone is the last thing you do at night and the first thing you do in the morning.

Personal Failings

You post everything you do to Facebook, Twitter, etc. - to the point where your actual human interaction is minimal.

This article was originally published on 11-22-2011