By Dennis McCafferty

Biggest Time Wasters (percent respondents)

• "Water-cooler conversations"/chatting with co-workers (14%)
• Computer/software problems (11%)
• Meetings (11%)
• Web surfing (9%)

Socially Responsible

Only 5% of respondents feel that social media is the top time-waster.

Communications Breakdown

15% of respondents say they spend one to two hours a week addressing misunderstandings/miscommunications with coworkers.

Partisan Support

17% of respondents say they spend one to two hours in a typical week navigating/dealing with office politics.

Attendance Required

21% of respondents say they spend at least three hours in a week going to meetings.


37% of respondents who go to meetings during a typical week feel at least half the time there is wasted.

Select Supporters

Less than 7% of respondents who routinely attend meetings say these efforts are 100% productive.

Productive Policies

44% of respondents say company policies/rules actually increase productivity, at least slightly.

Minor Quibble

Only 4% of respondents feel policies/rules reduce productivity "somewhat."

This article was originally published on 08-29-2012