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Biggest Threats to Business in the Next Six Months

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 07-27-2012

Trending Down

The overall IT Industry Business Confidence Index is 54.5, down from 56.7 last quarter.

Tightening the Belt

Only 29% of IT companies are increasing spending for marketing and advertising.

Staff Stagnation

Just 32% of IT organizations are boosting staff levels.

Stalled Investments

Only 34% of IT businesses are increasing their investment in tech.

Hold the Line

Just 40% are increasing investments in new products or business lines.

No Cash for Capital

Only 16% are boosting non-tech related capital expenditures.

Biggest Threats to Business in the Next Six Months

(as cited by survey participants)• Stalled economic recovery (55%)• General lack of confidence (37%)• Squeezed by decreasing margins (35%)• Weak consumer demand (35%)• Weak corporate demand (33%)