They Don’t Need Hand Holding

By Dennis McCafferty

They Know “Tech Stuff”

Because they constantly use it for work - and play - they're on top of the latest out there that can benefit your organization.

They’re Problem/Solution Oriented

They seek to conquer tasks others may avoid, and don't feel a job title or description should stop them from doing so.

They Seek Information in Unorthodox Ways

Meaning they'll bring a fresh perspective to a project.

They Know Top Talent Is Global

Technology has eliminated geographic boundaries for these workers, making them perfect employees for the international age.

They Respond Well to Challenges

Like trying to beat an "impossible boss" in a videogame, formidable challenges present intriguing growth opportunities to this generation.

They Know What Consumers Want

Because they're so connected, they keep a pulse on what will work - and what won't.

They Don’t Need Hand Holding

They've grown up with independent mindsets. Just point them in a direction and see where they go.

They Don’t “Punch Out”

Sure, they demand flex time. But that means they're more likely to work at all hours, including those that traditional employees avoid.

They “Police Their Own”

They're quicker to let slacking team members know that it's time to step up.

This article was originally published on 01-20-2012