Own Your Message

By Dennis McCafferty

Rethink Leadership

Presence and vision influence results, regardless of “face time.” At Apple, employees always pondered, “What would Steve think?”

Embrace Secrecy

Apple grew famous for its windowless “lockdown rooms” – no information went in or out without a reason.

Turn Processes Inside-Out

Businesses typically start with marketing then design. Apple preaches that design comes first, and dictates everything that follows.

Focus Obsessively

A student of Buddhism, Jobs understood that even the simplest task should command all of his mastery and attention.

Stay Start-Up Hungry

Jobs refocused the company’s organizational structure by function when he returned in 1997.

Innovate the Existing

Apple didn’t invent music players or retail stores. But it made both better for consumers.

Own Your Message

Jobs conveyed company ideas with seemingly effortless ease. But every word was consciously intended.

Hire Disciples

Employees who understand and buy into organizational vision as opposed to just “doing a job” are best-suited to pursue key strategies.

Plan for the Long Haul

Before he passed away, Jobs created Apple University to ensure the company’s history and culture would endure.

Inspire Imitators

Apple's ideals of accountability and design simplicity now set the standard for others.

This article was originally published on 02-03-2012