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Looking Like Crud

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 11-04-2011


Putting off until tomorrow what can be done today results in an intimidating (and stress producing) pile of to-do's.

Lighting Issues

Dark offices are a downer. But harsh, bright lights can rattle the senses. Go for the middle ground.

Lack of Laughs

You're not paid to be a comedian. But well-intentioned jokes help reduce job tension.

No Furry Friends

Bonding with a pet is known for its therapeutic, calming value.

A Messy Desk

Office clutter makes one feel disorganized and out of control.

Looking Like Crud

Similarly to the messy desk thing, a constant "look" of unkempt hair, disheveled clothes, etc. makes you feel rundown and/or on the fritz.

Too Much Perfume

Strong odors from co-workers&#151even high-end perfumes and colognes&#151can lead to migraines.

Starving Yourself

You may want to slim down to look good as a manager. But overdoing it leads to irritability, headaches and fatigue.

An Ill-Planned Plate

Make sure your diet isn't overloaded with chocolate, processed meats, caffeine and other potential tension producers.

No Romance in Your Life

A healthy, romantic relationship with your spouse or significant other is considered to reduce blood pressure and relieve stress, according to research.