Subject Switcheroo

By Dennis McCafferty

Rambling Man

Don't ramble or otherwise attempt to cover the field. Keep an email/text focused on one, specific topic.

Subject Switcheroo

Attempting a bait-and-switch with misleading subject headers creates bad karma.


Never put into Email or text sensitive information that should stay private. You never know who will copy and paste.

Disjointed Delivery

Always follow the three-step approachParagraph 1: Address the recipient. Paragraph 2: Reveal your needs. Paragraph 3: Offer conclusive action.

Avoidance Strategy

Never use text or email to avoid making a phone call or conducting a face-to-face conversation. There are times when communicating the old-school way is absolutely necessary.


You make think you're being productive, but constantly tapping your smartphone actually makes it look like you've got nothing better to do.

Shouting "Fire!"

Marking every email as urgent hurts your credibility. (Remember the story of the boy who cried wolf?)

"Reply All" Madness

Hitting "reply all" when a targeted response to a single individual is more appropriate demonstrates a lack of consideration.

Missing in Action

Never ignore an email or text from a colleague or coworker. The unspoken message of such behavior is that you don't respect that person.

Epic Sentences

Limit the number of commas you use in any single sentence. Remember: The period is your friend.

This article was originally published on 05-22-2012