Gmail Users Welcome Google Voice

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 09-04-2010

3PAR, iPad, Chrome: Week in Review

After a heated bidding war with HP over storage firm 3PAR, Dell finally waved the white flag this week, in the latest of a spate of vendor acquisitions that have taken place this year. Meanwhile, the debut of Google's new VoIP solution meets with resounding success, and the company gives its Chrome web OS a makeover. iPad fans among us are happy to hear about the latest upgrades to that OS, but all of these developments could potentially impact your operation. Learn more about the hottest news of the week and what it means for your enterprise.

Dell Concedes 3PAR to HP

Dell made the first move for virtual-storage company vendor 3PAR in mid-August, but eventually ceded in a bidding war with HP that topped out at more than $2 billion. Now, Dell needs to look elsewhere for a storage company to round out its virtualization offerings.

The CIO Insight

At this point, you'll need to take a wait-and-see approach to HP's 3PAR acquisition. It's possible that the storage firm will be lumped into existing HP solutions and you won't see a difference. But it's also possible that HP will try something new in an effort to totally transform its virtual-storage operation around 3PAR. In fact, the company seems to be making clear moves in the latter direction. A day before 3PAR accepted its offer, HP announced new storage tiering and provisioning services.

Gmail Users Welcome Google Voice

Google announced that 10 million calls have been placed on the company's Gmail VoIP offering in its first week of availability. The service allows users to place free calls in both the U.S. and Canada. International calls require payment, based on location.

The CIO Insight

As the recession continues to impact companies around the globe, you're probably looking for a cheap communication platform. And although Skype is just fine, Gmail's VoIP service is worth a look. It works quite well, and as long as you're operating in the U.S. and Canada, you won't need to pay anything for employees to communicate with others. Keep in mind that it is still a Web-based VoIP solution, so it won't match the quality of your current installed lines, but it's a cheap alternative worth testing out especially for traveling or remote workers.

iPad Update Due in November

Although the focus was mostly on iPods and the Apple TV at Apple's Sept. 1 press event in San Francisco, it was the company's announcement of iOS 4.2 that will have the greatest impact on enterprise IT. The software, which is scheduled to launch in November, will allow iPad owners to have multitasking, wireless printing, and other bells and whistles. The update will be free to download when it's made available via iTunes.

The CIO Insight

The iPad is making its way into the corporate space. And as it does, you're probably wondering when you should adopt the devices for your users. For now, the iPad might not be the best option, simply because it doesn't allow for multitasking. Once this capability comes to the device in November, Apple's iPad may become increasingly attractive for select corporate use. Gartner says iPad and other "media" tablets are behind a projected drop in sales of netbooks.

The Tablet Invasion

While Apple's iPad may continue to lead the pack, that's not going to hold back other manufacturers from stepping into this lightweight tablet space. Samsung announced this week that it plans to offer the Galaxy Pad tablet later this year. Speculation abounds that several other devices are on the horizon from HP, Lenovo, and RIM, among others.

The CIO Insight

News of several new tablets options coming to the marketplace is a good thing for enterprises. Apple's iPad is selling well and most people like it, but the device has little competition right now. Once its competitors show their hands and offer the enterprise their own value proposition, CIOs will be able to make a fully informed decision on which product they should adopt.

Google Chrome 6 Debuts

Google's Chrome Web browser has been available for two years now. And to commemorate that anniversary, Google announced Chrome 6 this week. The new browser features several improvements, including faster load times and an even more simplified interface than its predecessor. The company will soon offer hardware-accelerated performance in an upcoming update.

The CIO Insight

If you're like most CIOs, you're concerned with the security issues that Internet Explorer could cause. For some operations, it's a necessary evil, due to programs requiring Internet Explorer to work. But if you don't need Internet Explorer, Chrome 6 is worth considering. It's fast, it's reliable, and it's more secure than Microsoft's option.