Major Product Refresh for EMC

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 01-18-2011

Deep beneath a glitzy New York City product launch Jan. 18 that included a couple of nonsensical stunts -- 26 people cramming into a MiniCooper and a daredevil motorcyle jumper flying over 40 side-by-side storage racks in Miami, Fla. -- EMC revealed one all-important fact:

The company has finally updated and written new storage software that eventually will replace all the now-creaky code that was first written more than two decades ago.

A number of EMC customers have confided to eWEEK during the past few years that this change has been needed for a long, long time.

In its messaging, EMC took a cue from Oracle when it staged one of the most extensive product launches in its 32-year history, unveiling a total of 41 new products. It focused on the same "We're the fastest" claim that Oracle uses when selling the key attributes of its database and application servers.

Whether EMC is or isn't "the fastest," of course, depends upon each IT system and workloads deployed, but the company has, in fact, increased the horsepower in its arrays with new, cooler-running multi-core processors and solid-state disk options, enhanced throughput, and that new, leaner code that has been needed for so long.

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