Tivoli Endpoint Management Software Gives IBM New Security Tool

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 02-10-2011

Technology giant IBM announced a slate of initiatives to extend security to the growing number of mobile and instrumented devices beyond an organization's four walls, such as smartphones, ATMs, retail kiosks, traffic systems, meters, buildings and sensors. The company also unveiled research projects, software, and services partnerships to help organizations better manage the security of their interconnected and intelligent infrastructures.

Tivoli Endpoint Manager integrates the assets acquired with BigFix into the IBM portfolio. The software extends IBM's capabilities to manage the security and compliance of servers, desktops, roaming laptops, and point-of-sale devices, such as ATMs and self-service kiosks. The software combines endpoint and security management into a single solution and enables organizations to see and manage physical and virtual endpoints.

"From electrical grids to mobile devices, transportation systems and buildings, the proliferation of these intelligent systems is creating new security loopholes that businesses need to address," said Steve Robinson, general manager of IBM Security Solutions. "On today's smarter planet, everything is an endpoint, and must be managed and secured like any other critical business asset."

IBM researchers and developers are also prototyping new technologies to manage security and compliance challenges involving mobile smart phones, such as Google Android-based devices. Using a single management platform, organizations will be able to extend management across any mobile device on their network. The company said with the ability to install in minutes, customers would be able to remotely set policies, monitor employee devices to identify potential data compromise and wipe data off the devices if they are lost or stolen.

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