10 Percent of Windows Phone 7 Updates Fail

By CIOinsight

Microsoft has shifted into damage-control mode over its Windows Phone 7 update, claiming in a corporate blog posting that only 10 percent of users' smartphones have stalled because of the new software. The company will also continue to withhold the update for Samsung smartphones.

"Has the update process gone perfectly? No -- but few large scale software updates ever do, and the engineering team here was prepared," Michael Stroh, a writer for Microsoft's Windows team, posted Feb. 23 on the Windows Phone Blog. "Of course, when it's your phone that's having a problem, or you're the one waiting, itss still aggravating."

Stroh claimed some "90 percent of people who've received an update notification have installed the new software patch successfully." With regard to the other 10 percent whose smartphones temporarily stalled or outright bricked, he added, "nearly half failed for two basic reasons -- a bad Internet connection or insufficient computer storage space."

Windows Phone Update requires space on a PC to create a backup image of the user's smartphone, in addition to downloading the update.

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This article was originally published on 02-24-2011