BlackPad, Twitter Security and Other Hot Topics

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 09-23-2010

BlackPad, Twitter Security and Other Hot Topics

Technology news during the past week has been a microcosm of what CIOs face in their every day lives. It included security concerns, new product launches, a changing market dynamic, and enough rumors to make even the most excitable technology lover cringe.

In case you've been too busy doing your real job to keep, we've highlighted the top five most important news stories from the past week. These include:

  • RIM BlackPad due this year
  • Twitter security woes
  • Internet Explorer 9's success
  • HP's mobile worker management solution
  • Notebook sales and iPad

RIM BlackPad

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that RIM is planning to announce its BlackPad tablet during its devloper conference, which begins Sept. 27. The device is designed to compete against Apple's iPad, the Dell Streak, and other slates in the space. Details are slim, but most expect the device to boast a 7-inch display and a new BlackBerry operating system. The platform will be built by QNX Software Systems, a company that RIM acquired in April.

The CIO Insight

If RIM announces a new tablet, you'll likely have no other choice but to evaluate the device. As you know, tablets are becoming increasingly attractive in the enterprise. And, given RIM's history of working closely with enterprise customers, there's a good chance that its tablet will meet your corporate needs better than Apple's iPad.

Twitter Is Hacked

It was a rough week for Twitter. On Sept. 21, 2010, users of the client were attacked by way of a flaw that allowed malicious hackers to display pranks, distribute pornography, and download worms to a user's computer. The issue has been patched.

The CIO Insight

Twitter's security woes is bad news for CIOs. As you know all too well, trying to safeguard your operation from social networks is becoming harder by the day as more and more employees start using those services. The fact that Twitter was subject to such a simple exploit should be enough for you to establish a social-media policy and distribute that throughout your operation.

Internet Explorer 9 Takes Off

Internet Explorer 9 is now available in beta. And already the browser is performing well. In fact, millions of folks have downloaded it so far, and most reviewers are quite happy with it. The browser includes a revamped design, new security functions, and much faster page-loading times than previous iterations. It's a major update over Internet Explorer 8.

The CIO Insight

Chances are, you're not allowing Internet Explorer 9 to run on any corporate computers just yet. And that's understandable. But once Internet Explorer 9 leaves beta, and assuming it will be compatible with your legacy products, it might be worth trying out at your company. The browser is arguably the best version of Internet Explorer Microsoft has ever released.

HP Cloud Solution Manages Mobile Workers

HP has launched a cloud-based management system for IT staff that will allow corporate administrators to keep tabs on workers while they're away from the office. While the name of the solution -- HP Cloud Services Enablement for Device Management as a Service -- doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, the offering allows IT staff to configure mobile devices, remotely diagnose issues, and enforce security policies.

The CIO Insight

As your workforce becomes more mobile, keeping a watchful eye on employees is becoming more difficult. HP's solution promises to help you do just that. Whether or not it will make you successful at safeguarding data on smartphones, notebooks, and other wireless products is up for debate. But it's worth considering if you want to find something to help you manage your mobile workforce.

Apple iPad Hurting Notebook Sales

Apple's iPad is doing a number on notebook sales, according to a report from consumer electronics retailer Best Buy. The company said that Apple's tablet is now potentially cannibalizing up to 50 percent of the its notebook sales. And that could continue going forward.

The CIO Insight

Now is the time to think about deploying iPad in your enterprise. A recent poll conducted by Zogby International on behalf of Sybase finds that ?ne in four Americans, expect their employer to provide access to tablets in the enterprise. Improvements in creativity and innovation were cited as the number one benefit that tablets bring to the workplace (18 percent), closely followed by efficiency, time savings and problem solving (16 percent) and communication, collaboration and productivity (14 percent). One in four surveyed stated that they are likely to use a tablet device as a laptop replacement for work or personal use.

The study consists of online surveys of 2,100 adults in the U.S.A sampling of Zogby International's online panel, which is representative of the adult population of the U.S.. The survey was conducted Aug. 27-Sept. 14, 2010. iPad is more mobile than a notebook, it features a "next-gen" feel, and your workers will like having over 250,000 App Store programs available to them. In fact, when considering purchasing a tablet, 56 percent of respondents to the Zogby survey listed the amount of software and applications available as an important deciding factor in choosing a tablet.