Its Still Consumer-Focused

By Don Reisinger

Forget Flash

As a CIO, you undoubtedly see the same security issues with Flash as Apple does. But you also acknowledge that Flash is important for employees to have when they're on-the-go and looking for information. As with previous models, Flash will not be available in the iPhone 5, given Apple's history with Adobe.

Its an Apple Product

Although companies have been warming to Apple over the last few years, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company hasn't always been the apple of the CIO's eye. The reason for that is simple: Apple isn't as corporate-friendly as other firms, like HP and Dell, and it hasn't always played nice with developers.

iPad 2 Might Be Enough

Some companies may be considering bringing both iPhones and iPads into their workforce. The fact is, having both devices isn't always necessary. And considering that tablets are more useful for work, thanks to their larger size and potential netbook-replacement qualities, many of you may opt for deploying iPad 2, rather than iPhone 5.

Its Still Consumer-Focused

CIOs have balked at bringing the iPhone to their organizations because of fear that it's too consumer-focused. Based on rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 so far, CIOs shouldn't expect that to change. The iPhone is a consumer-focused product, and it always will be.

4G Isn’t Ready

Chances are, the iPhone 5 will come with the ability for users to connect to 4G networks. However, 4G isn't ready for primetime, due to its lack of availability across the U.S. Once 4G is fully deployed across the country, you can start thinking about getting a smartphone with that technology. But until then, it doesn't seem worth it.

Security Might Prove Troublesome

One of the biggest concerns in the corporate world is security. CIOs are always thinking about ways in which they can keep corporate data secure. So far, the iPhone has been a secure platform, but recent studies have shown mobile threats to iOS and Android are on the rise, indicating trouble could be ahead.

iCloud Won’t Be Enough

There is some speculation in the marketplace that when Apple launches iCloud later this year, companies looking to have another cloud-based storage solution might opt for it, and thus, improve enterprise adoption of the iPhone. That said, iCloud is consumer-focused, limited to only 5GB of storage, and still too new for companies to want to use it. iCloud simply won't be enough for CIOs to decide to adopt the iPhone 5.

The BlackBerry Will Still Be Better

There are other devices, including RIM's BlackBerry smartphones, that deliver better experiences for corporate users. Admittedly, there's no telling what the future holds, and BlackBerry smartphones might lose their way, but chances are, RIM's option will be better for corporate customers than the iPhone 5.

It Could Be A Productivity Drain

Apple's iPhone 5 is an exciting device for consumers. As soon as they power it up, they have a slew of entertainment opportunities available via the Web and Apple's App Store. These make the iPhone 5 a potential productivity drain. And in the corporate world, productivity drains are major problems.

This article was originally published on 06-22-2011