By Don Reisinger


90 percent of respondents have already deployed mobile devices. Smartphones, of course, are most widely deployed.


A whopping 86 percent of respondents say that they will deploy media tablets this year.


32 percent of respondents surveyed say that they provide technical support to smartphones brought into the office by employees.


Although smartphones prove to be most popular in the enterprise, 37 percent of respondents said that they also service tablets brought in by employees.


44 percent of respondents say they will provide technical support on personal laptops that employees bring into the workplace.

Location Matters

Interestingly, location mattered when it came to support of consumer devices in the enterprise: 44 percent of respondents in Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) support consumer devices, compared to 28 percent of respondents operating elsewhere.

Hosted Virtual Desktops

Gartner also examined hosted virtual desktops, finding that 22 percent of respondents in BRIC countries have deployed them, compared to 20 percent in non-BRIC countries.

Next Year

Over the next 12 months, the vast majority of respondents plan to transform their desktop PC client environment to HVD.


By 2013, 91 percent of respondents in BRIC countries will transform their traditional desktop PC environment to HVD.


Outside of BRIC countries, just two-thirds of respondents say they will convert to HVD.

This article was originally published on 07-02-2012