Executive Briefs

By CIOinsight
Due Diligence: Municipalities Starting to Mesh
By Eric Nee
It's hard to imagine a municipal government quickly adopting any technology. But city and town governments are suddenly finding themselves on the bleeding edge of wireless mesh networks as they build out broadband infrastructures they hope will attract residents and businesses. Columnist Eric Nee details the benefits, and the drawbacks, of this emerging technology, and looks at its potential impact on the municipal broadband marketplace.
Leading Edge: Speech and Consequences
By Warren Bennis
Harvard University President Larry Summers's comments on women in science resulted in a national controversy that is placing his leadership and vision for changing Harvard in jeopardy. Where did he go wrong? In columnist Warren Bennis's view, the blowup is due primarily to Summers's confrontational style, which has intimidated and angered faculty. Successful change agents require tact and a reservoir of goodwill to succeed.
Expert Voices: Thomas Friedman
With Ellen Pearlman and Dan Briody
New York Times foreign-affairs columnist Thomas Friedman is mostly optimistic about rampant globalization in his forthcoming book The World is Flat. But he is seriously concerned that people don't fully understand how and why the world is flattening, and so they view the trend as something to be feared. Editor-in-Chief Ellen Pearlman and Executive Editor Dan Briody chatted with Friedman about the good, the bad and the greatly misunderstood aspects of globalization.
Whiteboard: The Global Outsourcing Report
By Mark D. Minevich and Frank-Jürgen Richter, page 55
Offshore outsourcing brings with it a wide variation in costs, as well as significant risks. The goal of this month's whiteboard, by international experts Mark D. Minevich and Frank-Jürgen Richter, is to provide a country-by-country analysis of the global outsourcing market, and to point out where to find the best sources for a variety of services. The result is the Global Outsourcing Index, which rates each country on the basis of cost, risk and market opportunity today and in the future.
Case Study: VF Corp
By Edward Cone
VF Corp. transformed itself into a global powerhouse on the strength of big-name brands such as Wrangler, Lee and The North Face. To do so, the world's largest publicly traded apparel company had to change its sourcing strategy and refocus on customer demand. That meant rethinking the technology platform that supports every step of its global operations.
Expert Voices: Austin Adams
With Dan Briody
JPMorgan Chase CIO Austin Adams has overseen more than 90 bank mergers
during his career. But he is better known as the man who canceled a $5 billion outsourcing contract with IBM. Some in the industry have come to believe that Adams is the champion of a nascent insourcing movement. But as Executive Editor Dan Briody found out, Adams is nothing of the sort.
Research: Outsourcing
By the editors of CIO Insight
IT outsourcing is now widespread, despite concerns about quality of service, according to this month's survey of 388 IT executives. But while spending on IT outsourcing is growing no faster than IT budgets as a whole, offshore outsourcing to India is on the rise, and it's posing a risk to IT jobs in the U.S.
Strategic Technology: Business Process Outsourcing
By Debra D'Agostino
BPO is hailed as outsourcing's second wave, promising value through business transformation. But so far, most BPO deals are still about cost-cutting, and success has been hampered by stifled communication and poor management. Making BPO work, says Reporter Debra D'Agostino, requires a good understanding of the process before you send it to a third party, and crystal-clear contracts.
This article was originally published on 03-05-2005