TOC: The Year of Growing Carefully

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 12-23-2004

Strategy Trends
   1. IT spending is on the rise
   2. The big money is on the customer
   3. IT will eke out yet more productivity gains
   4. Speed, transparency and personalization matter
   5. CIOs fall into the new alignment trap
   6. Retailing has become the industry to watch
   7. No relief for penny-pinched CIOs
Management Trends
   8. The CIO turnover rate is about to jump
   9. CIOs will need more business experience to succeed
   10. IT staff levels will grow modestly
   11. Offshoring's bark stays bigger than its bite
   12. CIOs will refocus on recruiting and retaining IT
   13. Budgeting processes will continue to get better
   14. ROI practices will get more creative
   15. Project management standards will get tougher
   16. Boards of directors will sharpen focus on IT
   17. Performance measurement comes of age
Security And Risk Trends
   18. Security problems will skyrocket
   19. IT goes on permanent war footing
   20. Sarbanes-Oxley will continue to cause trouble
   21. Compliance becomes a top IT priority
   22. Risk management won't prevent IT risk-taking
Technology Trends
   23. More companies call themselves early adopters
   24. Infrastructure moves to the front burner
   25. The sun sets on legacy systems
   26. CRM usage will explode
   27. Web services becomes a cornerstone technology
   28. Wireless work becomes the norm
   29. New technologies gain traction
   30. CIOs want more from vendors