C-Meter: November 2001

By CIOinsight

Since the surprising spike in the level of economic confidence among CIOs following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, the November Confidence Meter has settled back somewhat. CIOs gave the chances that the overall economy would recover in the next 90 days a 5.0 on a scale of one to 10, pegged the chances for recovery in their own industry at 5.4 and awarded their own companies a 6.4. The lowest overall score, a 3.6, came from the transportation sector, while telecom scored the highest, at 5.9. Meanwhile, the industry most optimistic about prospects for its own recovery was education, at 6.8, while the least optimistic was hospitality and travel, at 4.6.

0107 C-Meter

This article was originally published on 11-01-2001