Slow Starters

By Jennifer Lawinski

Enthusiastic Adoption

92 percent of respondents say the adoption of cloud technologies is good for business.

More for Your Money

67 percent of respondents say cloud technologies help IT deliver better systems for less money.

Holding the Keys

62 percent of respondents say SaaS applications give business stakeholders ownership of key applications.

Slow Starters

69 percent of repsondents say their companies still work primarily with on-premise applications.

Application Apprehension

88 percent of respondents report challenges with SaaS business applications; 67 percent report issues integrating data between applications.

Flying Blind

37 percent of respondents say IT has been asked to take ownership of solutions purchased without their input.

The BI Advantage

74 percent of respondents say having data from their SaaS applications in a common BI solution would add value.

What are the biggest potential benefits of SaaS BI? (percent respondents)

• Easier access to data currently in application silos (54 percent) • Increased visibility (46 percent) • Faster deployment (42 percent)

This article was originally published on 06-27-2012