Future of IT: Security

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 12-14-2007

Future of IT: Security

Identity Theft Epidemic Pressures IT

Regulations and public outrage will force a clampdown on sloppy physical security practices. The problem of identity theft--the loss of millions of individuals' personal data around the world--will get much worse. That means huge losses for consumers and companies, and tighter data privacy regulations. IT executives don't expect technical solutions will end security breaches any time soon; most say damage from viruses and computer worms will rise significantly over the next five years. Inadequate mobile security is emerging as a new nightmare. But the biggest threat to security and identity is careless behavior: More IT executives say lost or stolen laptops or computer media represent a significant security threat to their company's IT assets than attacks on corporate networks; infected e-mail, downloads or Web sites; or vulnerabilities in software or anti-virus programs. Changing behavior is notoriously difficult, but companies will need to do it.

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Encryption Becomes Business as


Encryption Becomes Business as Usual

Encrypting networks and data is a necessary fallback. Encryption isn't invulnerable; criminals will always attempt to crack it, just as they do antivirus and anti-malware programs. Still, encrypting data is the best last resort when lost or stolen data falls into malevolent hands; it's a technical solution IT departments and vendors can implement. About three-quarters of IT organizations budgeted for encryption in 2007; that percentage is likely to rise. More company data will be encrypted, in 2008 and beyond.

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