Special Report: Customer-Created Content

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 11-09-2006
Customers are more vocal than ever before, thanks to blogs, wikis and other collaborative Web tools. Some firms are successfully enlisting consumers to promote their brand; others have seen their strategies backfire in embarrassing ways. Our special report explores the potential—and the pitfalls—of customer-created Web content.

  • Putting Customers To Work
    Coke, Chevy and Smirnoff are among the megabrands that are using technology to let customers deliver their marketing message.
  • Advice to Marketers: Beware of Blogs
    Marketers are finding that personal weblogs are tempting tools—but done wrong, a blog is like a digital foot in the mouth.
  • Tapscott: Success Will Come From Trust, Shared Information
    In the new world of business Webs, open networking built on trust will beat out closely held proprietary resources every time.
  • Are CIOs Ignoring Web 2.0 Technologies?
    Users are taking the plunge into blogs, RSS, podcasts, tagging, and Wikis. But many CIOs have cold feet about letting users try out new, innovative technologies.

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