The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#17'

By CIOinsight

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4

Debora Horvath - Washington Mutual She was singled out in the Baseline 500 for her insistence on the importance of integration and ability to handle mergers and acquisitions

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#24'

John Glaser - Partners Healthcare System Vice president and CIO of the health care group that includes leading Boston-area teaching hospitals; probably the most highly regarded health care CIO in the United States, particularly for Par

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#23'

Gary Masada - Chevron He leads 3,500 IT people for the No. 2 oil company in the United States, a company he knows inside and out, having been there more than 30 years; working now to consolidate all ERP systems worldwide onto SAP softw

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#22'

Vita Cassese - Pfizer Led a number of groundbreaking initiatives, including deploying an electronic terroritory management system, electronic submissions to the FDA and innovative use of the Internet to facilitate communication to both

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#21'

Tim Stanley - Harrah's Honored with CIO Insight's Partners in Alignment award for successful linkage of business strategy and technology

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#20'

John Grimes - U.S. Department of Defense Besides managing a massive and important IT organization, he's driving the DOD's 'net-centricity' IT doctrine, which has a major impact on defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#19'

Gregor Bailar - Capital One A trendsetter for the credit card industry and for using IT for competitive advantage

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#18'

Dave Kepler - Dow Chemical Longtime executive who has expanded beyond IT. He's senior vice president of shared services, CIO and head of environment, health and safety; using IT to help Dow Chemical become a 'green' compan

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#17'

Paul Singer - Supervalu Much vaunted in retail circles, he ran IT at Target for several years, a hot-and-getting-hotter company that credits technology for much of its success; lured out of retirement to manage Supervalu's IT

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#16'

Cathy Tompkins - Chesapeake Energy Chesapeake is one of the Baseline 500 companies for high information productivity; Tompkins advocates a 'keep

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#15'

Jon Beyman - Formerly of Lehman Brothers Like Joe Antonellis at State Street and Jean Davis at Wachovia, Beyman not only ran technology at Lehman but also was in charge of operations; a new breed of CIO

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#14'

Ralph Szygenda - General Motors A leader in the profession, driving standards across the IT vendor community

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#13'

Tony Scott - Walt Disney Left his chief technology officer post at GM in 2005 for Disney, where he oversees a huge digital asset management project, an effort to unify ERP across all Disney properties, including theme parks, cruises, T

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#12'

Rollin Ford - Wal-Mart Pushing RFID technology for competitive advantage and supply chain efficiency

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#11'

Filippo Passerini - Procter & Gamble Took the helm from Steve David; oversees P&G's massive RFID project, trying to get returns while keeping Wal-Mart happy; has been with the company since 1981

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#10'

Tom Trainer - PepsiCo Hired to unify sprawling IT in use across the company, in various divisions, working in partnership with Becky Wanta, who is global CTO for PepsiCo

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#9'

Dave Barnes - UPS CIO of the shipping giant is a real innovator and highly visible; 'Business drives IT. We do not do IT for IT's sake,' h

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#8'

Jim Noble - Merrill Lynch & Co. Former CIO of Altria Group; is also the president of the Society for Information Management, making him a leader within the CIO community

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#7'

Rob Carter - FedEx Also serves as chairman of FedEx Kinko's and CEO of FedEx Customer Information Services; deploying Web 2.0 software order fulfillment and tracking

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#6'

Barbra Cooper - Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. A guiding force in Toyota's drive to use the Internet not only to reach out to customers but also to make it

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#5'

Scott Griffin - Boeing Leading CAD/CAM and global collaboration initiatives; leading PLM (product lifecycle management) push with new 787 Dreamliner

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#4'

Douglas Merrill - Google Plays CIO role by adapting Google technology for internal use; oversees technology for HR and other internal functions

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#3'

Gary Reiner - General Electric Both the CIO and head of strategy for GE; pushes the company's Six Sigma efforts

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#2'

Rick Dalzell - Amazon.com Setting up Amazon as a software/hardware services provider; also oversees an enormous 'triple threat' infrastructure: d

The Top 100 CIOs, Part 4 - '#1'

Patricia Hewlett - ExxonMobil Developing new information and exploration technologies to achieve the business goal of tapping increasingly hard-to-find oil and gas deposits; among the goals: leverage the company's $700 million technolo

This article was originally published on 06-01-2001