Measure Cloud Success

By Jennifer Lawinski

Preparing for the Cloud

Have a vision for change, explain why it will benefit business and technology stakeholders, and describe how you plan to make it happen.

Connect Strategy to Business Realities

Break down your vision into action items, and define how the cloud will improve the way in which the business operates. Find the quick wins.

Know the State of Affairs

Assess the parts of your portfolio that can benefit from the cloud, and prioritize which ones should - or should not - move to the cloud.

Setting Your Strategy

Be clear in how your strategy will meet business priorities and how IT will empower the business.

Create a Road Map

Show how each investment and change, from technology transition to personnel, will meet your goals. Be clear about whether you will use public, private or hybrid solutions.

Execute Your Strategy

Your team will not transition seamlessly to the cloud. Plan for how your staff must change, and how new departmental interaction will impact the organization.

Be Prepared for Failure

No cloud deployment is seamless. Expect false starts and failure along the way. Use both success and failure as markers of progress.

Measure Cloud Success

Having benchmarks in place to measure success is imperative. Make sure stakeholders see business progress, and put people in place to help manage ongoing change.

This article was originally published on 05-14-2012