Windows Phone 7 Apps are on the Rise

By Don Reisinger

Android Market And Security

The big issue with the Android Market is that it isn't as secure as it could be. In fact, the marketplace has been known to feature applications that have brought malware to user devices. Google addressed that problem eventually, but there isn't much it can really do to save the day: malware creators are coming, and there's no stopping them.

More Business Apps Than You Think…

When Apple's App Store first launched in 2008, it was filled with consumer-focused programs. But as growing numbers of companies are using iPhone and iPad, enterprise solution developers have followed. Now, the App Store -- along with other application markets -- is filled with business apps.

…And More Are On The Way

Developers are starting to realize that companies are increasingly relying upon mobile applications to keep employees organized and productive while on the road. So, you can expect more enterprise developers to jump to mobile platforms to create their applications. A year from now, it's quite possible we'll see thousands more mobile enterprise apps.

Apps Are Our Future

We are all are becoming more mobile, and when we're on the road or traveling, we need to have applications running on our favorite devices in order to stay up-to-date with what's going on. That trend will only continue going forward - there's no turning back.

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Your Employees Are Using ThemWhen your employees aren't in the office, they're downloading mobile applications at an astounding rate (ABI Research predicts that 44 billion mobile apps will be downloaded by 2016). Realizing that, you shouldn't be worried about putting apps into employee hands; they already know what to do with them.

Apps Must Be Managed

Employees shouldn't be allowed to download just any app they want, and policies should be put into place to ensure they don't engage in unsafe behavior. Mobile apps are great, but they must be controlled and their use must be monitored.

RIM Is Far Behind

Chances are, a few years ago, you were using BlackBerrys in your office. But now, you're undoubtedly thinking twice about continuing your relationship with RIM, due to compelling offerings from Apple and others. You're not alone. In fact, many developers aren't creating apps for the BlackBerry App World because they see better opportunities on other platforms. Don't lose sight of that.

Windows Phone 7 Apps are on the Rise

A recent study from research firm IDC reveals that developers are more likely to create programs for Windows Phone 7 than BlackBerry going forward. This could make Windows Phone 7 your go-to mobile platform for the enterprise if you want to switch from BlackBerry and iOS doesn't suit your fancy.

They’re A Necessary Evil

Not allowing mobile apps to be used by your workers, and choosing not to create your own when the need arises, surefire way to let your company lose an important advantage over competitors. Mobile apps are here to stay -- and it's time we all embrace that.

This article was originally published on 11-28-2011