Trends Slideshow: 9 Android Apps Every CIO Should Be Using

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 07-22-2010

Call Log Assistant
Price: $1.50
What it does:

Helps CIOs manage their call log lists to make it easier to find contacts.Why you need it: The average CIO receives several calls each day. Android's built-in call log doesn't provide the kind of customizability that most CIOs will be looking for. With the help of Call Log Assistant, all those troubles should go away. The app allows you to set up a calendar event from the call log, as well as delete individual items to save only those calls in the log that matter most. Call Log Assistant makes saving and sifting through past calls much easier.

Call Log Assistant<br>Price: $1.50<br>What it does:

Price: $1.49
What it is:

An expense tracker for on-the-go professionals.Why you need it: Any CIO who typically leaves the office (and hopefully you do!) will want to use Xpenser. The app allows you to quickly record any expenses that are taken while on a business trip, which can then be exported to Excel, e-mail, or several other applications. You can even tag the expenses based on type to make them easier to manage. Given the importance of tracking expenses in today's business world, Xpenser should come in quite handy.

Xpenser<br>Price: $1.49<br>What it is:

PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript
Price: $4.99
What it is:

A quick-reference guide on key Web standards. Why you need it: The average CIO is forced to know more than ever about Web development. Realizing that, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript from O'Reilly Media should help out. The app is basically a quick-reference guide to help you quickly input a line of code to improve your company's Web site. It doesn't require an understanding of programming, so the app can be used by just about anyone. When site problems erupt, the CIO with this app will be prepared.Image 3: PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript

PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript<br>Price: $4.99<br>What it is:

Password Safe
Price: $2.99
What it is:

An app that enables you to encrypt Android passwords.Why you need it: Protecting passwords is one of the most important duties of any CIO. After all, when you log in to your Web-based e-mail, access a cloud-storage solution, or just input passwords into LinkedIn, they can be viewed or stolen by malicious hackers. Password Safe puts 128-bit AES encryption on all passwords input through the Android OS. You won't need to worry about anyone easily accessing your passwords when looking at your phone.

Password Safe<br>Price: $2.99<br>What it is:

Call Log Assistant
Price: $1.50
What it does: - Page 5

ProtectorPrice: $0.99What it is: An app that password-protects any Android application.Why you need it: If you are the kind of CIO who keeps important data on your smartphone, Protector is a must-have. The app allows you to password-protect any app in Android OS. So, if you don't want anyone picking up your phone and looking at your e-mail, you can require a password to be input before they can view it. The app even works with the software's text-messaging application, Android Market, and just about everything else. It's a really neat app.

Call Log Assistant<br>Price: $1.50<br>What it does: - Page 5

SMS Backup and Restore
Price: Free
What it is:

A backup solution for text-messages.Why you need it: SMS Backup and Restore could be an extremely worthwhile tool for the CIO who relies on SMS and text messaging. The app allows you to automatically backup text messages you received or sent. That data is saved for future use if you lose some of those messages, and want to get them back to reference a conversation. As a paid app, it might not be worth it for most CIOs. But since it's free, it's certainly worth having in case you have an important conversation with a colleague that you want to keep safe.

SMS Backup and Restore<br>Price: Free<br>What it is:

EStrongs File Explorer
Price: Free
What it is: Dig deep into Android files to see what is on the device.
Why you need it:

If you like knowing exactly what you are downloading, or want to view the contents of a Zip file before you decide to open it, EStrongs File Explorer is for you. The app is similar to Windows Explorer, and allows you to move files, edit text, manage apps downloaded to the root of the operating system, and much more. You can even see files on networked Bluetooth devices, phones, or PCs. EStrongs File Explorer is one of the most useful applications in this roundup.

EStrongs File Explorer<br>Price: Free<br>What it is: </b>Dig deep into Android files to see what is on the device.<br> <b>Why you need it:

Price: $0.99
What it is:

A full-featured Google Analytics viewer.Why you need it: As the CIO becomes more connected to the success of the company Websites, they need to know what page elements visitors are clicking on. This is where DroidAnalytics comes in. The app allows you to view all Google Analytics data tied to your company's site. You can see stats, view reports, and even view the graphs that you'd typically find on Google Analytics. Obviously, the app requires that your site has Google Analytics running. Considering that Google Analytics is free, it is probably worth adding to your company's site. DroidAnalytics is ideal for the on-the-go CIO who needs to quickly check on the status of a site for other top-level executives.

DroidAnalytics<br>Price: $0.99<br>What it is:

Price: $9.99
What it is:

A business card scanner that converts information to contact data.Why you need it: CamCard is the most expensive app in this roundup. But the busy CIO will find it one of the most useful apps available in the Android Market. With CamCard's help, you can take a picture of a business card. From there, the image is analyzed and the person's name, e-mail, and phone number is entered into the phone's contact list. It also works with Gmail and Exchange.

CamCard<br>Price: $9.99<br>What it is: