Windows. Windows. Windows.

By Don Reisinger

Windows. Windows. Windows.

The Windows operating system is still far and away the most dominant in the world. And most analysts believe it'll stay that way for years to come. As long as that's the case, Microsoft will be just fine.

Office Is Going Strong

Office is going strong. Millions across the globe are using the productivity suite, and it's driving significant revenue and profit at the software giant. For now, at least, Office is the best way to get work done. And that's not changing anytime soon.

Enterprise Needs

The corporate world is in desperate need of Microsoft's help. The software giant delivers Windows, Office, cloud-based solutions, and much more. And it does that in a way that only improves productivity in the office. Until the corporate world ditches Microsoft, the software giant will be just fine.

Vendors Need Windows

Now more than ever, vendors need Windows. Apple isn't giving up OS X, and Linux is not appealing to consumers. Google has Chrome OS, but no one cares. Only Windows is driving PC sales.

Search Isnt Everything

Just because Bing isn't on the same level as Google Search, it doesn't mean that Microsoft is in trouble. Search is important, but it's not integral to Microsoft's future.

Software Still Matters

Some industry pundits have proposed that software is going to die off. As much as some companies, such as Google, would love to see that happen, we won't get there any time soon. Software is here to stay, especially for business users.

Microsoft Sees the Cloud

With help from a host of solutions, including Office 365 and Azure, Microsoft seems poised to capitalize on the cloud trend. That's a major consideration in the company's ability to last.

Hardware Push

Some critics view Microsoft's decision to launch the Surface tablet as an act of desperation. We'd argue that the Surface is not about desperation; it's about showing vendors that a Windows 8-based tablet can succeed.

Mobile Matters

OK, so Microsoft's poor standing in the mobile market isn't exactly the best thing, but is it really the end of the world? The mobile world is growing and it does matter to Microsoft's bottom line, but the impact is not major. And that can't be overlooked.

Cash Flow

Microsoft is sitting on billions in cash, positioning it to be in the marketplace for the long haul.

This article was originally published on 08-28-2012