Personal Investment

By Dennis McCafferty

Overhaul Needed

63% of execs feel organizations should offer more training opportunities and update existing ones.

Back to School

45% of execs say organizations should work with educational institutions to improve job seekers' chances of placement.

Inspiration Outage

Two-fifths of execs say their organization isn't good at improving innovation among employees.

Performance Issues

25% of execs say worker efficiency and productivity aren't benefiting from current training programs.

Winning Results

A more efficient and better-trained workforce would improve productivity and customer satisfaction by at least 5%, according to survey respondents.

Strapped Budget

Only one in three execs say their organizations have increased investment in training over the last two years.

No Excuses

63% of execs say current economic conditions shouldn't present an obstacle for organizations to implement better training.


82% of execs say job seekers need to do more to develop their own skills.

Personal Investment

76% of executives say employees should pursue training at their own expense.

Adjustments Required

More than half of execs say workers from age 51 to 75 need to be more adaptable or flexible.

This article was originally published on 07-03-2012