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Most Popular Bully Tactics

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 09-20-2012

Elevated Threat

35% of workers say they have felt bullied at work, up from 27% last year.

Sick of Bullies

16% of these bullied employees say they've suffered health-related problems as a result.

Giving Notice

17% of these victims reveal that they quit their jobs to avoid this situation.

Who are the Bullies?

• Bosses (as cited by 48% of those who say they've been targeted)• Coworkers (45%)• Customers (31%)

Most Popular Bully Tactics

• False accusations of mistakes (as cited by 42% of those bullied)• Unequal treatment (36%)• Constant criticism (33%)• Sabotaging victim's work (31%)• Boss yelling in front of coworkers (28%)

Abuse from Elders

54% of those picked on say their bully was older than them.

Taking Action

49% of victims say they confronted their bully.

Confrontation May Backfire

50% of those who did confront their bully said the situation stopped. But 11% say it got worse.

No End in Sight

57% of those who reported a bullying situation to HR say nothing was done.