Shining a Light on Cloud Security

Posted : 11-28-2017

Cloud security is evolving and changing. A new report sheds light on the state of the industry. Read More »

GDPR Is Coming Soon … and Companies Aren't Ready

Posted : 10-25-2017

When the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25, 2018, it will affect global companies in a significant way. The initiative establishes specific requirements for how organizations must handle personal data touching E.U. citizens—even businesses that aren't physically... Read More »

What New NIST Guidelines Mean for Passwords

Posted : 10-24-2017

The tech community needs to understand what NIST is really saying in its historic rewrite of authentication guidance, which evaluates the security of passwords. Read More »

Spending Your Budget on the Right Security Tools

Posted : 10-23-2017

Companies worldwide are hemorrhaging money as a result of cyber-attacks and misdirected investments in inefficient and ineffective security capabilities, according to a new report. These companies are losing as much is $11.7 million per business annually. That's an increase of 62 percent in five years and $2.4 million... Read More »

Breaches and Compromises Stepped Up in Q1 and Q2

Posted : 10-16-2017

Yet another study shows that organizations are failing to deploy adequate security tools and processes to prevent data breaches, many of which are caused by accidental loss or exposure of data. The report notes that even relatively small numbers of breaches can result in enormous losses of data records. The Gemalto... Read More »


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