Phishing Prevails Despite Investments in Security

Posted : 09-26-2017

Despite their investments in security technology, most organizations have been subjected to phishing attacks, and they continue to worry about email-related threats, according to a new survey report, "Phishing Response Trends," which was... Read More »

How Large Companies Tackle Cyber-Security

Posted : 09-22-2017

Large companies grapple with employees' disdain for strict cyber-security policy enforcement and invest in communicating and training personnel rather than strictly enforcing their policies, according to a new survey, "Read More »

Best Security Approach: Layers and Trained Staff

Posted : 09-18-2017

A new report, the "2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report" from NTT Communications, calls for organizations to acknowledge people as a key part of any security program. That includes hiring and retaining skilled security... Read More »

Many Companies Don't Use DMARC to Fight Phishing

Posted : 09-15-2017

The vast majority of Fortune 500 companies are "woefully unprotected against phishing," according to a new research report, "Agari Global DMARC Adoption Report: Open Season for Phishers." Those organizations and their customers remain vulnerable to domain... Read More »

DevSecOps Transforms the Dana Foundation

Posted : 09-13-2017

This endowment-based organization, which is dedicated to neuroscience research and also operates a publishing arm, achieves big gains with a DevSecOps approach. Read More »