Does the Enterprise Take Security Seriously?

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 11-20-2012
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Does the Enterprise Take Security Seriously?

Does the Enterprise Take Security Seriously?

What do companies think will be the biggest threat in the next year? 69% of U.S respondents  to the Faronics study believe it's the "proliferation of unstructured data."

The enterprise has been worried about security for about as long as anyone can remember. Like it or not, there are malicious hackers and cyber-criminals around the world who would like nothing better than to take sensitive corporate data and exploit it. CIOs and their staff have been charged with safeguarding their corporate networks from any and all threats. Sometimes, they succeed; other times, they don't. Unfortunately, it appears that those "other times" are happening more than many companies would like to admit. In fact, a new study from Faronics, a company that specializes in security for multi-user environments, has found that a host of major trends in the corporate world, including BYOD and unstructured data, are prompting security threats. And companies, meanwhile, have found that they're ill-equipped to deal with those threats. Simply put, it's a scary world, and the enterprise, at least so far, isn't doing a good enough job at securing corporate networks. The following slides provide essential information about security in the enterprise.

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