Mobile Malware Threats Getting Steadily Worse

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 07-16-2013
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Mobile Malware Threats Getting Steadily Worse

Android Is At the Epicenter  Because Android, which accounts for 67% of OSs on all smartphones shipped in 2012, is so popular, malware writers are focusing their efforts on it. In fact, 92% of all malware is targeting Android rather than a different mobile operating system.

Malware has always been a top concern for CIOs, but according to a new study from Juniper Networks, the number of mobile threats impacting the corporate world is skyrocketing. What's even more disconcerting, those threats are increasingly being designed to generate income for malware creators, meaning cybercriminals are finding mobile operating systems to be solid sources of income. If that ability to generate income remains strong, it spells even more trouble for consumers and the corporate world. "There's no doubt mobility will continue to be a pervasive and disruptive force across every industry," said Troy Vennon, director of Juniper Networks’ Mobile Threat Center, in a statement. "We have found that it has created an easy business opportunity for malware developers who are becoming savvy in their approach to quickly turn profits in a rapidly growing market. We anticipate that similar to the evolution of PC-based threats, mobile attacks will continue to increase and become more sophisticated in the coming years." But before those issues in the future arise, the past is enough to scare just about anyone. In its latest Mobile Threat Center study, which includes an analysis of 1.85 million mobile applications and vulnerabilities, Juniper Networks has discovered that the situation is already very dire.

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