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The Enterprise Has a Bad Case of the SIEM

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 03-07-2013 Print

Security means everything in the enterprise. With strong security, companies can help ensure that their sensitive data is safe and their biggest cyber-threats are kept a comfortable distance away. Without adequate security, the enterprise looks like one big juicy target to malicious hackers. As a result, CIOs are increasingly trying to find different ways to enhance security.

One of the ways to accomplish that is with help from Security and Information Event Management (SIEM), which provides a holistic view of an organization’s IT security. SIEM combines security information management and security event management functions into one security management system. However, SIEM might not be all that some of its proponents think it is, according to elQnetworks, a company dedicated to security, risk, and compliance solutions. In fact, SIEM can involve more trouble than many users suspect, notes a new elQnetworks survey of nearly 200 IT decision-makers.

“From cost burdens and management headaches, organizations are looking for a cure to SIEM,” according to Brian Mehlman, senior director of product management at elQnetworks. “The good news is that the remedy to this perpetual affliction is through simplified and cost-effective security intelligence solutions that provide organizations with critical visibility across the entire spectrum of enterprise security data.”


Deployment Hurdles  44% of IT decision-makers report that it took their companies between a few weeks to more than a month to deploy their latest SIEM product.


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