Web-Borne Attacks Besiege the Enterprise

The sheer number of ways companies can be attacked is staggering. But a whopping 80 percent of them are finding that the Web is a major threat.

Security in the enterprise is a scary thing. The corporate world is being hit from all angles by threats that could take down networks, steal sensitive information, and put an entire company's infrastructure at risk. The threats are so worrisome, in fact, that companies are increasing their investments in security and doing all they can to keep their networks safe. In some cases, they're successful. In others, however, they're not.

According to a new study from security firm Webroot, companies are especially unsuccessful at stopping Internet-based attacks. The issue is so bad, in fact, that 80 percent of the 500 IT and business executives that participated in the survey say their company have fallen victim to Web-borne attacks, and have faced trouble trying to balance the impact of those threats with providing employees access to the Internet.

"Organizations need to implement layered defenses from the endpoint to the network to understand not only what is happening but where the attacks are manifesting from and when," says David Duncan, chief marketing officer at Webroot. "Given that instantaneous attacks are morphing constantly and are eluding traditional detection mechanisms, organizations require a cloud-based solution that is effective in this new environment, as well as easy to deploy, quick to respond and flexible to address today's sophisticated cyber-threats."


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This article was originally published on 04-15-2013
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