Enterprise Technology Slideshow: Enterprise iPad Use on The Rise

Posted : 11-18-2010

During Apple's last reported fiscal quarter, the company says it sold a whopping 4.1 million iPad units. Although competitors such as the BlackBerry PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy Tab and others may give it a fair fight in 2011, right now iPad owns the "media tablet" space, with a 95.5 percent worldwide market share, according... Read More »

IT Management Slideshow: Leadership Realities You Won't Learn in Management School

Posted : 11-18-2010

Whether you went to management school or not, there are many "truths" about leadership that rarely are discussed in the classroom, according to the book, Management? It's Not What You... Read More »

IT Management Slideshow: Seven Major Projects CIOs Should Consider

Posted : 11-12-2010

As IT vendors come out with new products and technologies over the coming years, you'll have a lot on your plate as CIO. At its Symposium/IT Expo 2010 in Cannes, France, research firm Gartner identified seven major IT projects that CIOs should consider tackling in the next three years to make sure they stay ahead of the... Read More »

Storage Slideshow: The Big Data Conundrum

Posted : 11-09-2010

When it comes to "big data," CIOs are caught in a trap of "can't live with it/can't live without it," according to a survey conducted by business technology services vendor Avanade. While the modern-day crush of information generated by e-mail, word docs, spreadsheets and other content sources is difficult for CIOs to... Read More »

IT Management Slideshow: Automating Your Hiring Process

Posted : 11-08-2010

Finding, hiring and deploying the most qualified people is a key aspect of talent management for organizations, and many are working to improve the process. It's not just a matter of making the hiring function faster, easier and cheaper than it's ever been, but delivering the best-quality candidates to fill various jobs.... Read More »