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Can IT Help LAPD Reduce Abuse?

The LAPD is using business-intelligence software to track police activities and reduce abuse Read More >

Lexis-Nexis Bolsters Customers' Data Defenses

Under pressure from customers, Lexis-Nexis is making deals with security software providers and beefing up its own processes to make it harder for crackers to penetrate the data of its 4.5 million customers. Read More >

Caution Marks Outsourcing in China

News Analysis:'s Stan Gibson warns that, when setting up shop in China, establishing trust is essential. Read More >

IBM Tivoli Tools to Simplify IT Management

At Share, GM Al Zollar talks up Tivoli products that give users simpler and centralized management capabilities. Read More >

IBM Moves into Information-Based Medicine Without Software

IBM hopes to be the backbone of information-based medicine—without developing specialized software applications. Read More >

Know When to Hold 'Em, Know When to Reboot 'Em

Poker-playing "robot" goes all in (and all to pieces) against human. Read More >

Software Vendors Try to Promote Quality Software

Low quality software might be costing U.S. businesses $60 billion per year. Under pressure from customers, software vendors are getting together to raise the profile of discipline and quality assurance. Read More >

Microsoft's Sights Set on New Windows, Office Versions

CEO Steve Ballmer discusses plans for an enterprise version of Windows Vista and a premium version of Office 12. Read More >

Digital and Analog Media Still Can't Connect

Technology entrepreneurs say that traditional entertainment companies continue to miss the opportunities in digital media, but they differ on how to pick up the slack. ( Read More >

Canadian Clothier Gets Personal

The CIO of Reitmans needs sales associates to know a customer's history before the sale starts. Given that most customers use loyalty cards at the end of shopping, that's a tough sweater to pull on. Read More >

Intermountain Health, GE Healthcare Join Forces on Electronic Medical Records

The two health IT companies announce plans to jointly develop systems that verify that patients receive medications as prescribed by doctors, and also make sure that the medication makes sense. Read More >

Software Scans Patient Files for Clues to Disease

Harvard scientists hope to build a computer system that can scan patients' medical records to automatically find disease clues. Read More >

Open Source, Open Market for Ideas

Open source isn't just about better software, says Berkeley political scientist Steven Weber. It's about fostering creativity and challenging the status quo. Read More >

Oracle Buys ProfitLogic

Oracle bolsters its retail technology position with the acquisition of the profit optimization software firm. Read More >

Drug Industry Pegs Pitfalls of Keeping Data Proprietary

Speakers at the BIO conference in Philadelphia say the drug industry needs to find a way to make data "precompetitive," so that any common gain that comes from data mining is not seen as a private loss. Read More >

Unifying Health IT Bill Filed in Senate

The Clinton-Frist bill would arrange for shared health information, increased interoperability of software and equipment, and the accreditation of regional health networks. Read More >

Nextrials Simplifies Trial Management with EDC

The company's integration of its trials-managing software with products from electronic data-collection companies allows groups supervise clinical trials better and make changes faster. Read More >

Virtual Cells Could Speed Drug Discovery

Researchers have developed software that simulates the workings of individual bacterial cells, which could accelerate drug discovery and help fight cancer and bioterrorism. Read More >

Asset Managers May Untangle Complex Systems

IT asset managers tend to focus on tracking hardware, software and licenses. Their real value is in simplifying systems by mapping the relationship between an IT asset and the business function it sustains. Read More >

Tech Marketers Tout the Wrong Value

Opinion: Capgemini top technologist John Parkinson says that IT products are moving toward a "platform" model that emphasizes business value. But the marketing message isn't keeping up. Read More >

SAP Continues Feud with Retek, Attempts to Steal Customers

Having lost the battle to buy Retek, SAP is trying now to buy Retek's customers. Analysts call competitive offers and public slams a distraction to the work customers would rather see. Read More >

Sterling to Integrate Yantra's Software

At a trade show, Sterling Commerce is expected announce a solution for retail, B2B and supply chain management. Read More >

IT Managers See No End to Technology Complexity

Reporter's Notebook: Reducing IT complexity was the theme of Gartner Symposium/IT Expo. But IT managers say all the evidence they have seen points to more complexity, not less. Read More >

Customized Outsourcing: The Latest on Rentable Software

Rent vs. buy isn't only a question for lightweight or non-critical apps anymore. Sometimes it makes sense to let someone else take care of your crown jewels. Read More >

Finance CIO Keeps Auto Industry Rolling

Auto industry carpools to form financing arm called RouteOne. The CIO that keeps it running, keeps the auto industry from stopping. Abruptly. Read More >

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