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CIOs Want Vendors to Stand Behind Their Software

Enterprise CIOs say commercial software vendors have to be willing to work closely with potential customers earlier in the product development cycle and take greater responsibility for the quality of the finished product. Read More >

Will IBM Stand for Integrated Business Medicine?

Opinion: IBM has already become a powerful player in health IT. Now the question is, will the giant play nice? Read More >

IBM to Launch Prototype of Health Information Network

By building a test system to move data from one place to another, IBM Research aims to show that easy electronic sharing of medical information can not only provide better care at lower costs, but also can enable new kinds of services. Read More >

Support as Important as Incentives for E-Prescribing

A small raft of health care payers and their partners have launched new campaigns to encourage physicians to write electronic prescriptions. This time, they are offering support along with free equipment, software and other incentives. Read More >

Health IT M&A Grows in Q1

Since the first quarter of 2004, the number of deals has increased by almost half. Still, most health IT merger and acquisition transactions remain relatively small. Read More >

Winn-Dixie CIO: Bankruptcy Has Its Advantages

When the $10 billion grocery chain went Chapter 11 in February, CIO Charlie Weston got a nice surprise: Business units started listening to everything IT said. Read More >

Microsoft Offers Partners New MapPoint License Option

MapPoint Fleet Edition 2004 features a pricing model that's far friendlier to users of logistics and other GIS/GPS systems. Read More >

Yoga Lawsuit Taps Open-Source Spirit

Utilizing the tenets of the open-source software movement, a group of yoga instructors called "Open Source Yoga Unity" challenges the proprietary claims of yoga rock star Bikram Choudhury. Read More >

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Enhances Handheld Trading

A software upgrade lets users of the exchange's Galax-C handheld devices trade options on futures for any options contracts currently listed on the exchange's electronic trading platform. Read More >

Patents Cast Shadow on Future Development

Opinion: Software patents are a temptation; temptation leads to stagnation; stagnation leads to the Dark Side. Read More >

Tax Man

Many Unhappy Returns: One Man's Quest to Turn Around the Most Unpopular Organization in America Read More >

On-Demand Tax Service Integrates with Great Plains 8.0

Avalara's automated jurisdiction research and tax calculation solution AvaTax ST can now integrate with Microsoft's Great Plains 8.0. Read More >

Is This Human Being Necessary?

The change has been so gradual, yet so pervasive. Read More >

Executive Briefs

Due Diligence: Innovation Still Matters Read More >

Take My Software. Please.

JDS Uniphase outsourced some key enterprise software at the height of the tech bubble. Amidst a brutal retrenchment, that deal is about the only thing that's worked out as planned. Read More >

Deal With It

Mergers and acquisitions are a growing fact of life in the software industry, and customers need to plan for them. Read More >

Executive Briefs

Read More >

Get Ready For the Coming Software M&A Wave

Mergers and acquisitions are a growing fact of life in the software industry, and customers need to plan for them. Read More >

Shrink Rap

Larry Ellison isn't the only person predicting widespread consolidation for the software industry—he's just the most colorful. Read More >

Web Politics 2.0

In a year when online campaigns showed great potential, the election results proved that Web marketing still has some growing up to do. Read More >

John Parkinson: Secret Software Agents

Opinion: John Parkinson: Software agents can give you huge gains in the efficiency of business processes—but only if you get the rules right. Read More >

Time Changes Everything

CIO Insight's Edward Baker argues that the real motive for JP Morgan killing a major outsourcing deal with IBM is the operational excellence of Bank One, who is merging with JP Morgan. Read More >

What's Keeping Utility IT From Lighting Up?

In a recently published report ("The IT Utility: The Future of the Data Center") by Westport, Connecticut-based research firm Saugatuck Technology, utility computing is highlighted as the predominant force that will drive change in the data center over th Read More >

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