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RIM PlayBook Software Update to Launch in February 2012

RIM's PlayBook software will update with a native email app and other features come February 2012, according to the company. Read More >

IBM Tackles 'Big Data' With New Analytics Software

At its Information on Demand 2011 conference, IBM has released a series of new products to help users more easily sift through and analyze "big data." Read More >

IBM Launches New Servers, Storage for Analytics, Cloud

IBM s rollout of 55 new and enhanced server and storage technologies is aimed at helping organizations better manage and leverage the massive amounts of date they're generating. Read More >

IBM's Q3 Profit Up 7 Percent

IBM's third-quarter 2011 profit rose 7 percent as the company performed well in its growth markets, services and software segments-- particularly business analytics and the cloud. Read More >

IBM Debuts Social Collaboration Cloud for Government

IBM has announced a new cloud offering aimed at the government that mixes social networking and cloud computing: the IBM SmartCloud for Social Collaboration for Government. Read More >

IBM Launches New SmartCloud Services, Java PaaS

IBM announced a bunch of new cloud services, including a new platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering for Java developers, pitting it against Oracle in yet another way. Read More >

IBM Partners With Nirvanix on High-End Enterprise Cloud Storage

Under the terms of the five-year OEM deal between IBM and Nirvanix, IBM will incorporate cloud storage IT that will enable enterprises to upload a file of any size from anywhere in the world and access it anywhere. Read More >

IBM to Acquire High-Performance Computing Software Firm Platform Computing

IBM enters into an agreement to acquire Platform Computing, a maker of clustering, grid and high performance computing (HPC) software. Read More >

News of the Week October 5th 2011

Apple gives an iPhone to Sprint and releases the iPhone 4S, which eliminates many of the iPhone 4's shortcomings. It has an internal antenna switching system that should reduce if not eliminate the problems with the original antenna causing signal loss if held the wrong way. It also has a much faster processor, better graphics, a better camera and high-definition video. Perhaps more important... Read More >

IBM Buys Data Analytics Vendor Q1 Labs

IBM will acquire Q1 Labs to expand its business intelligence portfolio by including security events to its menu of deep analytics capabilities. Read More >

Oracle, Autonomy Trade Barbs Over Impending Sale to HP

At issue is whether Autonomy "shopped" itself around to other companies before HP decided to go for it. If this is true, it makes Autonomy look cheap. If false, it makes Oracle look like a bully in bad-mouthing Autonomy. Read More >

Oracle Challenges IBM, HP With SuperCluster T4-4 System

Oracle unveils the SuperCluster T4-4 system, the first to run its new T4 chips. Executives argue that it offers greater performance and costs less than comparable IBM systems. Read More >

Oracle's Hardware Strategy Focuses on High-End Servers

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said his company will continue to phase out its x86 server business in favor of high-end SPARC systems optimized to run Oracle applications. Read More >

Health Insurer WellPoint Developing Applications for IBM's Watson

Health insurer WellPoint is developing commercial products to help doctors make better clinical decisions using IBM's Watson supercomputer. Read More >

IBM Agrees to Acquire Algorithmics for Financial Risk Analytics

One day after agreeing to purchase i2, IBM signs an agreement to acquire Algorithmics, a risk analytics firm focused on the financial sector. Read More >

IBM Announces New Hybrid Cloud Solution for the Enterprise

IBM announces a new hybrid cloud offering that features the company's Tivoli software and technology gained in IBM's acquisition of Cast Iron Systems. Read More >

IBM, HP Tied for First in Worldwide Server Market: IDC

IBM saw its server revenue numbers surge in the second quarter, bringing Big Blue into a statistical tie for first place in the global server market, according to IDC. Read More >

HP's Move Toward Services, Software Pits it Against Oracle, IBM

Hewlett-Packard's new services-and-software strategy will place it on a collision course with Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and other heavy hitters. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Tech Abuses CIOs Love to Hate

As a general rule, to thrive as a CIO you have to maintain a degree of patience that goes far beyond that of the average executive. In the course of your daily travels around the office, you'll see employees -- and workers on your own IT team -- engaging in cringe-inducing activities with technology and software. Your job requires you to make judgment calls. If you walk past a colleague who's... Read More >

IBM Develops Prototype Chips That Mimic Human Brain

IBM says the prototype cognitive computing chips are designed to act like a brain to quickly collect and analyze information, make decisions based on the findings and learn from its mistakes. Read More >

Cisco Offers a Wireless-Only Version of Its ISE

Cisco, which unveiled its Identity Services Engine in April, is now offering a wireless-only version for enterprises that want to track visitors on their corporate networks. Read More >

IBM Exec: The End of the PC Era Is Upon Us

IBM CTO Mark Dean, one of the engineers of the original IBM PC, says the post-PC era is here, and that it's not the devices, but the social interaction they enable, which is driving innovation. Read More >

Dell, NextGen Will Bring Health Care Applications to the Cloud

Dell and health care software vendor NextGen announced plans to jointly offer electronic health record applications in the cloud. Read More >

IBM Opens Services Innovation Lab

IBM has launched a new Services Innovation Lab dedicated to technology services in areas of analytics, software automation and more. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: The Economics of Choosing Business Software

What does quality software need to do today? It must work on multiple platforms, within a global landscape. It needs to remain compatible with legacy systems, as well as other currently popular software applications. It can't allow defects to cripple organization objectives. As a CIO, you're ultimately responsible for these and other software-related demands. If you fail, there are a number of... Read More >

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