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IBM's Watson to Take on Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment

Health insurer WellPoint will receive guidance from cancer institution Cedars-Sinai on developing treatment options using IBM's Watson supercomputer. Read More >

Backup a First Step to the Cloud for Many Businesses

While the fast path to cloud computing varies, it looks like many enterprises, as well as consumers, were already on the way before they really knew what cloud computing meant. Read More >

Where the IT Dollars Are Headed in 2012

Mobility and wireless network infrastructures are the big takers when it comes to IT budget planning for 2012, our latest study reveals. Even so, organizations are moving to the next stage of the IT infrastructure build-out across multiple budget areas, and our 2012 IT Investment Patterns Study shows how the strategy trends of innovation, integration and reversion are having a significant... Read More >

Companies Will Use the Cloud to Boost Efficiency, Get Closer to Customers in 2012

Hubspan predicted TCO would continue to be the primary driver of cloud adoption due to scalable costs. Read More >

White House Sets Security Requirements for Federal Cloud Providers

With FedRAMP, federal agencies will be able to evaluate and monitor cloud providers to ensure their services meet minimum security standards. Read More >

Cloud Computing a Top IT Investment Priority, Unisys Poll Finds

Half of respondents to a Unisys poll say cloud computing is their top IT investment priority for 2012. Read More >

Cisco, HP Enhance Cloud Computing Portfolios

Cisco is preparing to unveil new cloud solutions a week after HP rolled out a host of new cloud-based services. Read More >

Dell Ends Sales of Streak 7 Tablet

Dell seems to have halted sales of its Streak 7 tablet, possibly signaling the end of its Android tablet efforts. But the company will likely produce Windows 8 tablets. Read More >

Cloud Computing Will Go Mobile, Social in 2012

As employees increasingly adopt BYOD, social networking and collaboration, cloud computing is changing to meet the needs of both the workers and the IT organization. Read More >

Oracle Improves Cloud Integration With WebLogic Server 12c

Oracle launches WebLogic Server 12c, a major revision of the company s Java app server with enhancements to better support cloud computing. Read More >

SAP Adds New Cloud IP With $3.4B SuccessFactors Buy

SuccessFactors, which makes a progressive brand of human resources data management software provided via cloud service, lost $26 million last quarter but has promising IP. Read More >

Cloud Computing Traffic Will Expand 12-Fold By 2015, Cisco Says

By 2015, 76 percent of data center traffic will remain within the data center itself as workloads migrate. Read More >

Integration Fears Hinder SaaS Deployments: Report

A report identifies five key findings regarding the impact of integration on SaaS/cloud vendor success. Read More >

Web Accelerator Cotendo Courted as Potential Acquistion Target

Akamai is in serious discussions to buy its smaller rival for $300 million, according to a report. Read More >

Security Slideshow: Cloud Security Survey Reveals Gap Between IT, Compliance Officers

A study by the Ponemon Institute, sponsored by security technology vendor Vormetric Inc., shows that less than half of the 1,018 U.S.-based IT security practitioners and compliance officers surveyed think their organizations have adequate technology in place to secure their cloud computing infrastructures. The two groups of executives-IT security and compliance-disagree sharply on whether the... Read More >

Strategic Tech Slideshow: 10 Trends That Will Influence Your Future Decisions

As a CIO, you both help promote new trends in the industry and respond to them. While some of your colleagues are still determining what to do in the next year, you're already thinking about how technology is going to help shape your business far into the future. CIOs have to be forward-thinking executives to make sure enterprises are leveraging technology in the right way. In light of that, a... Read More >

Developers Pick VMware Cloud Foundry as Top Cloud Platform: Survey

Results of an Evans Data survey show that developers view VMware s Cloud Foundry as the overall best cloud development platform. Read More >

Infrastructure Slideshow: 10 Ways to Sell Your CEO On Cloud Computing

Is the enterprise ready for the cloud? Companies like Google, Salesforce, IBM and others think so and they're creating solutions give enterprise customers what they want. Cloud-computing solutions are gaining traction across the market. As a CIO, the value of cloud computing is clear. And chances are, if your company hasn't already deployed cloud solutions, you're making plans to do so.... Read More >

Health Care IT Going Mobile, Slow to Embrace Cloud: CompTIA

Physician practices are eager to adopt smartphones and tablets but lag behind in cloud computing and EHR training, according to a study by IT association CompTIA. Read More >

Dell's Profit Up Despite Revenue Drop

Despite a level-off in sales, Dell increased its net income by 9 percent to $893 million. Read More >

Dell Donates Cloud Technology, Funds for Pediatric Cancer Research

Dell is donating cloud-computing technology for storing data in personalized medicine trials and funds for finding ways to treat pediatric cancer. Read More >

Cloud Computing's Pros and Cons: IEEE CIO Weighs In

The spectrum of cloud computing service models offers an increasing collection of managed IT services with concomitant decreasing control and flexibility. The three core cloud computing service models -- IaaS, PaaS and SaaS -- all provide varying levels of economies of scale, impose varying degrees of vendor lock-in, and have their own issues with regard to systems integration among the various... Read More >

Rackspace to Support OpenStack-Based Private Clouds

Rackspace will support private clouds that run outside of its data centers provided these clouds run OpenStack and use the specified hardware. Read More >

U.S. Counts on the Cloud to Boost Cyber Security

Cloud computing will make the intelligence community more secure and efficient, according to Gen. Keith Alexander, head of the National Security Agency. Read More >

IT Executives, Compliance Managers Disagree on Security, Cloud Controls

There is a gap between information security manager and compliance professionals in how they perceive cloud security issues and necessary controls, according to a Ponemon study. Read More >

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