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IBM's Watson Heads to Harvard, MIT

IBM took its Watson question-answering computer system to Harvard Business School and MIT s Sloan School of Management as part of a symposium on the future of technology in business. Read More >

Dell Aims at Hospitals, Schools With Latitude ST Multitouch Tablet

The new multitouch Dell Latitude ST tablet will allow doctors to view electronic health records and teachers to collaborate with students. Read More >

Hitachi Data Systems Introduces Cloud Packages

HDS is developing technology through its acquisition of ParaScale that will help create an information cloud. Read More >

The Future of IT Infrastructure

A wave of technologies -- including cloud computing, mobility and social media -- are transforming the enterprise and fundamentally altering IT infrastructure. Navigating this new order requires vision and business acumen. Read More >

IDC: Cloud Computing Driving Growth of Storage Market

By 2015, combined spending for public and private cloud storage will be $22.6 billion worldwide, the report says. Read More >

Microsoft Sales Strong, But Cloud Services Still a Question

Microsoft posted strong quarterly numbers on sales of business software and Windows, but cloud and online services aren t yet major revenue drivers. Read More >

Oracle Launches Cloud Services Social Network

CEO Ellison also took the wraps off his company's newest cloud-oriented middleware products and strategy, called Oracle Public Cloud, in an afternoon keynote at the OpenWorld 2011 conference. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Business, IT Alignment a Top Priority for CIOs

Even as the economic recovery lags, IT departments are beginning to show signs of recovery, according to the Society for Information Management's annual survey of CIOs and IT executives from around the country. "In previous recessions, IT was always the first place to be cut, and that's not the case in this recession. Businesses are now looking to leverage IT or work with IT to identify... Read More >

Businesses Concerned About Cloud Security Issues: Symantec

Despite a great deal of consideration, many organizations claim that they are not ready to adopt the cloud. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Are You a Revolutionary CIO?

Being a CIO just isn't what it used to be. It seems that new technologies are appearing almost daily, most brands are stepping up their pursuit of an increasingly fickle customer base, and the pace of business is constantly quickening. The old ways of doing things just don't cut it any more. With that in mind, Deloitte Consulting recently surveyed nearly 1,000 IT executives about how they view... Read More >

Health Insurer WellPoint Developing Applications for IBM's Watson

Health insurer WellPoint is developing commercial products to help doctors make better clinical decisions using IBM's Watson supercomputer. Read More >

IT Investment: A Risky Business

Many CIOs take a command-and-control view of IT leadership. They consider budgets and headcount as ways to validate their importance in the organizations. The larger their budget and headcount, the bigger their bravado. This is a dangerous mindset. Read More >

Dell Takes on Cloud Powerhouses with VMware, Salesforce Partnerships

When it comes to the overall IT market, Dell is approaching the rarified air occupied by all-purpose IT companies, such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Oracle. Read More >

Hiring Top IT Talent: Four Tips for CIOs

There is tremendous need for qualified IT talent today. Specialized skills in areas such as site management, network design, storage area networks, virtualization and, of course, cloud computing, are in high demand. And, as always, people with great experience are hard to find. Here's what every CIO needs to know. Read More > Buys Cloud Encryption Provider Navajo Systems acquired Navajo Systems, a company that locally encrypts and decrypts corporate data via its VPS platform before it leaves the enterprise and goes into the cloud. Read More >

Business Cloud Adoption Gaining Momentum: CompTIA

There is momentum building for individual business groups and units within an organization to seek out cloud solutions. Read More >

GRC in the Cloud

Much criticism about cloud computing has been aimed at perceived security shortcomings. Meanwhile, many enterprises are overlooking the more subtle but equally important implications of the cloud when it comes to governance, risk management and compliance. Read More >

Hot Tech Projects at eBay, General Motors and 14 Other Organizations

In this week's installment of IT Projects: The Inside Scoop, we highlight IT project activity across Fortune-ranked and mid-market companies, including eBay, General Motors , and Safeway. Read More >

Amazon Launches Dedicated Cloud Service for the U.S. Government

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a new dedicated cloud offering for the U.S. government, known as AWS GovCloud. The new service is compliant with strict government regulations. Read More >

Dell Sees Profits Jump, Revenues Slow as Company Transitions

Dell's transformation into an infrastructure solutions and services vendor is fueling fewer sales, but more higher-end deals. Read More >

Dell, NextGen Will Bring Health Care Applications to the Cloud

Dell and health care software vendor NextGen announced plans to jointly offer electronic health record applications in the cloud. Read More >

Cloud Security Alliance Launches Transparency Initaitve

The STAR initiative will be online in Q4 of 2011, and cloud providers can submit two different types of reports. Read More >

Yahoo's Chief Cloud Systems Architect Joins VC Firm

Papaioannou headed up strategic direction for Yahoo's cloud-computing and Hadoop teams, helping to define the company's overall IT strategy. Read More >

Dell's Force 10 Buy Fits Open, Integrated Systems Strategy: Dell Server Chief

Force 10's Ethernet products are a welcome addition to Dell's integrated systems strategy, which emphasizes an open solution, Dell server head Forrest Norrod said. Read More >

Intel Invests $30 Million in Research on Cloud, Embedded Computing

Intel is opening two new research centers at Carnegie Mellon that will focus on cloud and embedded computing, part of its larger $100 million investment in research. Read More >

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