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Private Clouds Proving Their Popularity

The private cloud is the most popular cloud model for businesses, with software as a service being the most popular service model, according to a new survey. Read More >

Leading Your Way to the Top

Gregory S. Smith explains how CIOs can leverage the new world of mobile, social and cloud computing for both career advancement and business success. Read More >

Makeover Makes Revlon IT More Attractive

Sometimes the biggest challenge with IT isn’t amassing a lot of capacity. It’s finding a way to most effectively wield it. Read More >

NetApp Uses Private Cloud to Regain IT Control

Storage vendor NetApp develops a private cloud to consolidate as many of its shadow IT systems as possible and make the entire company more agile. Read More >

Cloud Savings in Spite of IT Skills Shortage

It seems that every time a person in the IT field turns around, they're being inundated with an array of questions about cloud computing. What is it best used for? What is the extent of the cost savings? Is the future really in hybrid clouds? Most CIOs would answer those questions with one idea in mind: The cloud is essential for all companies, and it's about time that the business side, which... Read More >

Who's Protecting Your Cloud?

Cloud computing is what the world is focusing on right now. Both big and small companies around the globe are saying that cloud computing is improving productivity, making employees happier, and producing an overall positive impact on the office. Things are going so well, in fact, that even the business side is pushing the IT professionals in the office to add more cloud computing solutions.... Read More >

Better Health Care Through APIs

Critical data-integration technology is helping health care providers in Michigan get patient information to doctors when and where they need it. Read More >

Virtualization Gains Popularity Despite Problems

Virtualization is a huge buzzword in the enterprise. CIOs around the globe are questioning whether they should stick with existing infrastructure or switch to a new virtual server setup that, according to vendors, will deliver all of the benefits of legacy solutions but with fewer headaches. However, Read More >

The Enterprise's Problem in the Cloud: Employees

No matter where a CIO turns, he or she is inundated with discussions about cloud computing, its value to employees, and whether it will be the major change agent in the enterprise that so many people say it will. The cloud is not just a theoretical concern for most CIOs; it’s arguably the biggest concern he or she faces on a daily basis. And determining the proper reliance upon the cloud... Read More >

Energy Plus Migrates to the Cloud

Energy Plus chose a hybrid cloud model enables it to move apps to the cloud at its own pace, and scale its infrastructure with the cloud as required. Read More >

Hybrid Cloud Computing Faces Multiple Challenges

Many IT groups will need to upgrade their infrastructure before they can realize the true advantages of dynamic hybrid cloud computing environments. Read More >

Organizations Facing Bumpy Cloud Transition

In theory, the cloud promises to help organizations cut operational expenses while paving the way for more agile business operations. However, the road to mass cloud adoption is paved with a number of transitional bumps, according to a recent survey from KPMG International. Yes, the cost savings and efficiencies exist, findings reveal. But... Read More >

Like Your Employees, You're Headed to the Cloud

The cloud is the future. That’s what everyone says. In fact, it’s what the vast majority of vendors, like IBM and Microsoft, say when they’re asked about their enterprise marketing efforts. The web is being viewed by companies as an equalizer that will allow firms of all sizes to work from any location and increase their productivity. To say that it’s a monumental shift... Read More >

The State of Cloud Storage Adoption

If a CIO has heard it once, he or she has heard it a thousand times: The cloud is the future. From storage, to computing, to data recovery, the cloud is viewed by many to be the panacea that the corporate world has always been waiting for. Without cloud comouting, some say, companies could find themselves far behind competitors that realize and embrace the advantages of the Web. In Read More >

Enterprises Slowly Adopting Cloud Computing

The cloud is moving indoors. Well, at least in a figurative sense, as a significant share of IT decision-makers say internally based cloud projects will move to the forefront of tech plans for 2013, according to recent research from TheInfoPro, an IT industry research services division of 451 Research. That said,... Read More >

Alternate Outsourcing Models Gain Popularity

As the cost advantages of offshore outsourcing wane, companies are looking at insourcing, selective multisourcing, captive offshore centers and more. Read More >

Agile Clouds

Cloud computing has become an indispensable IT resource for many companies, enabling them to provide improved agility, efficiency and scalability. Read More >

More Cloud Means More Worries For Enterprise Users

The enterprise's reliance on the cloud is expected to increase in the coming years. And most CIOs, seeing that trend, are trying to determine--if they haven't already--whether it's a good idea to follow it and move some services to the Web.

CIOs' Appreciation of the Cloud Keeps Growing

While business executives clearly forced the cloud computing issue, a new global survey of 327 business executives and CIOs conducted by Dimension Research on behalf of Host Analytics, a provider of financial applications in the cloud, finds that CIOs have developed a greater appreciation for the value of cloud... Read More >

Ten Ways to Ensure Disaster Protection in the Cloud

In a sense, the cloud is all about trust: You're outsourcing critical IT functions such as storage, data management, tech support and application oversight to a third party. The cloud is saving organizations a lot of money on operational and capital expenses, and it's freeing up in-house teams to focus on tech initiatives that support the company's core strengths and strategic mission. But what... Read More >

Unlocking Big Data in Social Technologies

Most of the news from Oracle's OpenWorld revolved around cloud services and a new social platform, but big data was the real story. Read More >

How a Great CIO Is Like a Great Quarterback

Leading an IT team and working with other business leaders to achieve success is a lot like running a successful offense. Read More >

Cloud Service Contracts: What CIOs Need to Know

Cloud outages can be damaging to your brand and to your bottom line. How can you best protect your organization if disaster strikes or other issues arise concerning your cloud-service provider? Know what's in your contract. Read More >

Lenovo Moves Into Cloud Services With Stoneware Buy

Stoneware makes a cloud network hosting environment for enterprises, with most of its customers in the education and government sectors. Read More >

Cloud Services Contracts: What CIOs Need to Know

Cloud outages can be damaging to your brand and to your bottom line. How can you best protect your organization if disaster strikes or other issues arise concerning your cloud-service provider? Know what's in your contract. Read More >

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