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Anticipate Your Customers' Future Desires

CIOs need to gather meaningful customer data and turn it into business intelligence that informs our future business decisions. Read More >

Doing Big Data Analytics Right

Big data analytics offers revolutionary capabilities but achieving results requires a strategic vision—and a view into how it can create business value. Read More >

Germany's Secret World Cup Weapon: Big Data

If you're looking for inspiration when it comes to the use of big data analytics, look no further than Germany's national soccer team, winner of the 2014 World Cup. Read More >

Eight Classic Big Data Mistakes

Demand for big data analytics will only continue to soar as the overall market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 27% through 2017, amounting to a $32.4 billion market, according to industry research. Yet, with all of the investments into analytics tools and talent, CIOs and other IT leaders can lose sight of what they're ultimately seeking to do. Collecting lots of big... Read More >

Why Extracting Value From Big Data Is Difficult

Businesses that are exploring big data need to consider the technical and talent challenges and develop well-defined business objectives before committing staff and budget to any initiatives. Read More >

Businesses Need Help With Data Analytics Tools

A clear majority of organizations want to move forward with data analytics initiatives. But they're stumbling out of the gate to do so. Here's why: The majority of analysts and a great deal of data scientists say they don't have access to the tools they need to pursue data projects or they aren't even aware of which ones are being deployed in-house, according to a recent survey from Read More >

How Big Data is Redefining the Role of a CIO

Organizations are empowering CIOs to maximize the value of all things data, whether structured or unstructured. In the process, these CIOs are expanding their impact by redefining their jobs, according to a new paper from McKinsey & Company. Simply stated, these roles break down as follows: business leader, product manager and recruiter.... Read More >

Tompkins County Crumples the Paper Jam

A county in upstate New York turns to a sophisticated ECM system to revamp and revolutionize the way it handles documents and records. Read More >

Data Protection Without Hardware Investments

Thanks to Virtual Appliance, The Aldridge Company can protect data locally and replicate it to the cloud without the need to purchase any on-site hardware. Read More >

10 Things That Smart Data-Analytics Teams Do

In prior slideshows, we've extensively illustrated the rising role of big data in the enterprise, especially with respect to how it's driving business decision-making. To perform up to the expectations of the C-suite, your data-analytics IT team must deliver on a wide range of technology needs while still demonstrating a command of critical soft skills. The latter skillset will help your team... Read More >

Few Enterprises Using Big Data Analytics

Many executives say their companies are not equipped to make the most of big data, according to a survey by management consulting firm Bain & Company. Participants were executives from more than 400 companies worldwide and mostly from enterprises with revenues of at least $1 billion. "We found…an elite group that puts into play the... Read More >

Big Data Helping Enterprise Decision-Making

EMC Corporation's "2013 Transforming IT" study finds that big data is giving rise to markedly improved corporate decision-making. It is also having an impact on a company's ability to differentiate itself competitively and to avert risk. The EMC study found better business processes, innovating products and solutions, and enhancing customer experience to be the top three drivers transforming IT... Read More >

IT Pros' Biggest 2014 Fear: Data Loss

IT professionals face a multitude of issues each day, but none are larger than the threat of losing data or failing to properly backup and secure mission-critical information, according to a new Read More >

CIOs Fall Short in Reaping Gains From Big Data

They set aside big bucks to gather it. They hire hotshot IT talent to analyze it. And the highest levels of the C-suite are determined to fully exploit it in the interest of ROI. So why do so many organizations struggle with big data? Because they're still trying to figure out the best way to gather, integrate and make sense out of it, according to a recent survey from Read More >

Preparing for the Big Data Deluge

No organization or field is being untouched by big data. CIOs must take the initiative and create new roles and jobs that plug into data-analysis capabilities. Read More >

Six Tech Trends That Will Shape IT in 2014

Personal clouds, the Internet of things and social collaboration are among the tech trends that will significantly impact the enterprise in 2014. Are you ready? Read More >

Data Governance Efforts Continue to Lag

While there's always been a lot of concern about how data is governed, a new survey suggests a significant gap exists between the level of concern and organizations’ actual plans to implement data governance as part of a larger compliance strategy. A new... Read More >

Big Data Experience Is Much Needed—and Wanted

While there's no shortage of interest in big data, a new survey of 1,500 IT leaders and 2,000 IT professionals conducted by TEKsystems, a provider of IT services, finds that at this point only a small minority have any real big data experience. Worse yet, both parties... Read More >

How Companies Can Improve Their Big Data Analytics

If you had a car with a fantastic engine in your garage, you'd drive it, wouldn't you? After all, it makes no sense to invest in such a product and leave it hidden under a tarp, right? If so, then think of big data as the great, potential "engine" within your organization that remains, well, pretty much in storage, as CIOs and tech professionals agree that they're not doing nearly enough to... Read More >

Shepherd Chemical Mixes a Winning Storage Strategy

A specialty chemical manufacturer focuses on improving its network and storage infrastructure to drive business results around the world. Read More >

Marketing and IT Are Disconnecting on Data Needs

While there's notable organization-wide awareness and appreciation for the importance of big data, much of the talk seems to be about potential as opposed to results. This is especially true in the marketing department. In fact, a significant number of marketing executives view data as the #1 most underutilized asset in their companies, according to a recent survey from Read More >

Milliman Improves Its Document Management

Using, consultants at Milliman can effectively manage their document flow and e-mail correspondence within the organization. Read More >

Huge Picks File-Sharing System for Global Teamwork

A digital ad agency, Huge uses Dropbox for Business in order to easily and quickly share files with team members and corporate clients around the world. Read More >

IT, Marketing Struggling With Customer Initiatives

Organizations have never had more opportunities to gather, analyze and deploy product and services strategies based upon the wealth of available customer-related information. To ensure success, IT and marketing should coordinate closely on these efforts. However, top executives from both departments say that a wide range of factors is preventing this from happening, according to a recent Read More >

The Year of the Real-Time Enterprise

Enterprises are being transformed into real-time organizations, thanks to predictive computer models and a steady pipeline of granular current data. Read More >

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