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Mobility Energizes the Digital Enterprise

Mobile frameworks—and their role in digital business—create huge opportunities and the ability to disrupt an industry. But navigating mobility is challenging. Read More >

Developing a Mobile App Strategy

Mobile applications are fundamentally altering the way businesses interact with employees, partners and customers. Building an effective strategy is paramount. Read More >

The Future of Enterprise Mobility

A pair of mobility experts from 451 Research and Yankee Group talks about what's in store for the enterprise in terms of mobility trends and developments. Read More >

BYOD Improves IT and End-User Relationships

There once was a time when the IT sector and employees weren't so friendly. The IT side viewed employees as a group of individuals that had meager appreciation for use policies, didn't understand the gravity of security breaches and showed little or no respect toward the IT team. Meanwhile, employees saw IT professionals as the folks that hand them new computers every few years and try to... Read More >

BYOD in Minneapolis: Managed Services Cures Headaches

"There's always this question of whether or not you build versus buy, do it in house versus hosted," says Otto Doll, CIO of the City of Minneapolis. "[Enterprise mobility] is one of those areas that we feel the industry provides solutions all the way down through management and that was a good way for us to go." Read More >

Personal Privacy Is a Top BYOD Fear

The survey results also indicated businesses are unprepared for dealing with the growing BYOD trend. Read More >

BYOD Sends Mobile Device Management Costs Soaring

Bring you own device (BYOD) initiatives and smartphone usage are causing a rise in mobile device management costs. Read More >

Can BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Turn RIM Around?

Research in Motion is positioning itself as more than just a device maker by launching new software to that securely manages BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices through a service reminiscent of BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Read More >

Gartner: Data Management Software Market Will Surge in 2012

The market for MDM of customer data is expected to reach $644 million in 2012 and to exceed $1 billion in 2015. Read More >

Securing Your Mobile Enterprise

From mobile malwre to device management, enterprises need to have a plan for securing the BlackBerrys, iPhones and other devices connecting to their networks. Read More >

Easing IT's Mobility Management Pain

Zenprise adds IT-friendly features to its mobility management suite as well as support for iPhone and iPad. Read More >

Careers Slideshow: IT Employee Confidence Sees a Bump

The latest IT Employee Confidence Index from Technisource, compiled from surveys conducted by Harris Interactive during the third quarter, shows that IT pros are gaining confidence in the IT employment market and the overall economy. Read More >

GPS Grows as Crime-Fighting Tool in U.S.

Electronic surveillance technology is changing the way authorities in the United States monitor repeat offenders. Read More >

Technology: GPS Keeps Parolees on a Short, Smart Leash

States like Florida and New Mexico use high-tech devices to keep paroled convicts in check and, they hope, out of prison. Read More >

Airline Finances Improving, But is Safety?

The chief economist for the Air Transport Association says 2006 is the best year since 2000 for revenue, but fuel costs and antiquated flight-tracking pose financial and safety concerns. Read More >

Global Supply-Chain Management Fact Sheet

To compete globally, companies will need to rethink their supply-chain systems from end to end. Start by integrating global sourcing into existing systems, and sharing data with key partners. Read More >

Global Supply-Chain Management

Globalization brings far-flung suppliers—and customers—right to your doorstep. Is IT prepared? Read More >

Bathroom Scales Aim to Save Lives (and Money)

News Analysis: A suite of home-based medical devices can identify problems and send alerts to a doctor to help keep chronic health problems stable. Read More >

Recognizing Toxic Management and Crushing It

Opinion: It takes a lot of decent managers to create a good organization. But it only takes one talented, toxic manager to ruin an organization. Read More >

Technology: Supply Chain Management

Just when you thought you'd gotten your supply chain into shape, here comes demand forecasting. New technology can help, but it can't replace common sense. Read More >

Book Brief: The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership

The President of the University of Southern California challenges conventional teachings about leadership. Read More >