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10 Things Missing from the Apple iPhone 4

The device includes several new features that the vast majority of consumers will be happy to find when they finally get their hands on it at the end of June. Read More >

Google Confirms That Google Goggles is Coming to the iPhone

Google confirmed that its Goggles visual search application would be coming to Apple's iPhone soon and also said it would release APIs for its image recognition, according to this scoop from ReadWriteWeb. Read More >

Two New Qualcomm Dual-CPU Snapdragons Begin Shipping

Qualcomm has begun shipping its first dual-CPU Snapdragon chipsets, the company announced June 1. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Things to Hate About the iPhone

The iPhone has been a technology game-changer and a cultural icon, yet Apple, despite its design wizardry, is still a non-factor in the enterprise IT market. We scoured the Internet looking for recurring complaints about the iPhone's various versions, and found a bevy of them. As the competition, including new BlackBerry and Android models, closes the gap, we offer a round-up of common... Read More >

Poor E-Mail, Text Manners Could Create Problems

If you didn't think bad communications etiquette could harm you or your organization, just look at what happened when a government coup took place in New York. Read More >

U.S. CTO: Mobile Apps Could Spur Broadband Spend

U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra says increasing mobile Internet access provides incentives for investment in high-speed connections. Read More >

Wal-Mart Begins Selling iPhones

Wal-Mart began selling iPhones Sunday, but not for as low a price as many expected. Read More >

iPhone to Sell for $99 at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is reportedly prepared to sell a smaller-capacity version Apple's iPhone at a steep discount. Read More >

Analyst: Apple May Cut iPhone Production

Slowing demand could force Apple to scale back production of its popular iPhone, an analyst says. Read More >

RIM: Touch-Screen BlackBerry Coming This Fall

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion confirms that touch-screen rival to Apple's iPhone will debut this fall. Read More >

Smothering the iPhone

Some insiders say Apple's own policies around creating iPhone applications could ruin the popular device. Read More >

Nokia's iPhone Rival Due This Week

Experts have awaited Nokia's response to Apple's iPhone for more than a year. Read More >

RIM to Launch Touch-Screen BlackBerry Soon

RIM is prepping a new BlackBerry smartphone to compete with Apple's iPhone, according to carrier Verizon Wireless. Read More >

Google Android Phone to Cost $199

The first mobile device running Google's Android operating software will be released in New York on September 23. Read More >

BlackBerry, Not iPhone, Still Rules Smartphone Market

BlackBerry maker RIM almost doubled its market share despite iPhone hype, slowing overall sales. Read More >

iPhone Security Flaw Exposes Private Data

Apple's iPhone faces security flaw that allows unwanted users to access contacts and emails despite safeguards. Read More >

Report: iPhone Plagued by Infineon Chips

A new report points to Infineon chips as the culprit behind the new Apple iPhone's dropped calls and unpredictable Web links. Read More >

Hold Off the Eulogy for Motorola

Rumors of the firm's demise are apparently premature, Reuters reports. Read More >

Has the Mobile Web Arrived?

The new iPhone puts the state of the mobile Web under a new spotlight. Read More >

Apple Sells 1M New iPhones in First Weekend

Sales meet analyst expectations, sending Apple shares higher. Read More >

iPhone's Killer App: Software Choices

Empowering users to choose software makes the new iPhone much more than a slick gadget, experts say. Read More >

iPhone Craze: Apple May Sell 1M in First Weekend

Apple looks to play off demand, new markets to make sales of the new iPhone skyrocket. Read More >

BlackBerry Poses No Security Threat, India Says

Despite warnings that BlackBerry devices could be used by militants, India's telecom ministry says it sees no risk. Read More >

New iPhone Could Really Cost $700

The newer, cheaper iPhone won't be as cheap as previously announced. That is, for those who don't pony up for a two-year contract. Read More >

Should Remote Workers Earn More Money?

Experts say the rise in telecommuting and off-site work will lead to increased wage disputes. Read More >

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