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Will a New Strategy Save RIM's PlayBook Tablet?

RIM's PlayBook has suffered an enormous write-down and price cuts by retailers, suggesting the company needs to do something radical to its tablet franchise. Read More >

Motorola Solutions Introduces Rugged Mobile Computing Series

The MC2100 series leverages the same hardware platform as other Motorola mobile computing products. Read More >

BlackBerry PlayBook Availability, Pricing Confounds the Market

RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook seems in the middle of a pricing and availability flux, after reports of canceled orders and reported price cuts for RIM employees. Read More >

RIM Extends Support to iPhone, Android With BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

RIM's upcoming BlackBerry Mobile Fusion management platform supports not only BlackBerry but also Apple's iPhone and Google Android. Read More >

Carriers, Manufacturers Called Out for Failing to Update Android Phones

Android smartphones from Samsung, HTC and Motorola dominated a "Dirty Dozen" list of insecure phones because carriers were not pushing out OS updates in a timely manner. Read More >

Motorola Shifts Focus Away From BYOD, Consumerizaton of IT

News Analysis: Enterprise-level solutions that embrace mobility, data collection and vertical markets should secure Motorola's place in the business world, but the real challenge for the company comes from the consumerization of IT. Read More >

Apple iPhone, Android Top Choices of Enterprise Workers

Apple's iPhone and Google Android top a recent survey of enterprise workers' smartphones, outpacing RIM's BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Read More >

Android's Global Smartphone Share Hits 52%: Gartner

Google's Android operating system hit 52.5 percent market share worldwide for the third quarter, compared with 15 percent for Apple's iPhone, according to Gartner. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Reasons to Turn Your Back On Windows Phone 7

Remember when making decisions about which enterprise mobility products to choose was easy? You simply looked up the latest RIM offerings, chose your solutions, and you were all set. How times have changed. Now your users are demanding choice, and Apple's iPhone as well as devices running the Google Android OS are multiplying in the workplace. Into the mix comes Microsoft's Windows Phone 7... Read More >

Google Killing Off Gmail App for Blackberry

Google is shelving its Gmail App for Blackberry to focus on mobile Web browsing software for its core messaging application. The news comes as Research in Motion struggles. Read More >

iPhone, iPad, BYOD Dominate Hot Tech Projects

In recent weeks, our roundup of hot tech projects has yielded two notable trends: multiple instances of organizations activating bring-your-own-device policies; and a growing number of companies piloting or deploying iPad, iPhone and even iPod. Information for this feature is provided exclusively to CIO Insight by the researchers at DiscoverOrg. Read More >

Motorola Laying Off 800 to the Tune of $31M

Motorola Mobility will take a $31 million hit, including $27 million for severance fees and $4 million for shuttering a facility. The move came before Google's purchase of the company. Read More >

RIM Hit With Lawsuits Over BlackBerry Services Outage

RIM is beginning to face lawsuits over the BlackBerry services outage that hit users across the globe earlier in October. Read More >

RIM PlayBook Software Update to Launch in February 2012

RIM's PlayBook software will update with a native email app and other features come February 2012, according to the company. Read More >

Nokia Windows Phones Unveiled After Eight-Month Partnership With Microsoft

At Nokia World 2011 in London, Nokia unveiled two new smartphones based on the Microsoft Windows Phone operating system: the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710. Read More >

Management Slideshow: Should IT Jettison the BlackBerry?

When Canadian firm Research In Motion (RIM) unleashed the first Blackberry devices on the world in 1999, it marked the first time corporate IT departments had a viable option for delivering Email to employees' mobile phones. No wonder the devices spread like a wildfire throughout corporate America, spawning a generation of professional "CrackBerry" addicts. But, as the mobile phone market... Read More >

Apple iPhone 4S Siri Has Security Loophole: Analyst

Apple's iPhone 4S features Siri, a digital assistant. According to one security analyst, Siri needs to be locked down in order to maintain the smartphone s security. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: iPhone 4S, 4, or 3GS: Which Should You Choose?

With Apple's iPhone 4S already breaking sales records -- the company says it sold 4 million units in the first three days after the smartphone's Oct. 14 launch -- and Sprint added to the list of wireless carriers offering the handset, you're probably looking to understand the key differences in Apple's line of smartphones. For many enterprises now, the question is not "How do we keep these... Read More >

BlackBerry Enterprise Defections Expected to Climb: Report

A survey by analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates reveals that the reason for the mass abandonment of BlackBerry devices in the enterprise is primarily due to a lack of user satisfaction. Only 16 percent of respondents indicated they were completely satisfied with their BlackBerry smartphone. Read More >

Droid Razr Vs. iPhone 4S: Smartphone Smackdown Looms

Motorola Mobility's Droid Razr, introduced Oct. 18 in New York City, will make the case for a high-end Android smartphone over the new iPhone 4S. Read More >

Apple Sells 4 Million iPhone 4S Units in First Weekend

Apple's iPhone 4S sold 4 million units during its first weekend in release, leading one analyst to predict a better-than-expected quarter for the company. Read More >

RIM Says BlackBerry Service Back Up and Running

RIM executives claimed on a conference call that all BlackBerry service has been restored for users worldwide. Read More >

RIM Experiences BlackBerry Outages Around the Globe

RIM BlackBerry users in North America are experiencing disruptions in service. An expert says there could be multiple causes. Read More >

Apple iPhone 4S Ready for Pre-Order

Apple's iPhone 4S is ready for preorder from and the Websites of AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. It will also be available in those vendors retail stores later today. Read More >

News of the Week October 5th 2011

Apple gives an iPhone to Sprint and releases the iPhone 4S, which eliminates many of the iPhone 4's shortcomings. It has an internal antenna switching system that should reduce if not eliminate the problems with the original antenna causing signal loss if held the wrong way. It also has a much faster processor, better graphics, a better camera and high-definition video. Perhaps more important... Read More >

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