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Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: Apple iPhone 4S: 10 Reasons it's Worth Considering for the Enterprise

Apple was expected to show off two new iPhones at an event held in its hometown of Cupertino, CA on Oct. 4. One, the iPhone 4S, was believed to be a nominal upgrade over its predecessor, the iPhone 4, while the other, the iPhone 5, would deliver the revolutionary upgrades Apple loyalists were after. However, Apple instead unveiled the Read More >

Apple Reveals iPhone 4S, iOS5

News Analysis: Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple has 5 percent of the worldwide phone share. He says he s looking for the day when all phones will be smart phones--dominated by Apple. Read More >

iPhone 5, Sprint Deal Expected to Be Focus of Apple's Oct. 4 Event

Apple's next iPhone, iOS 5 and a possible new iPhone carrier in Sprint could all be topics of the company's Oct. 4 event. Read More >

Microsoft, Samsung Enter Into Android Licensing Agreement

Microsoft and Samsung have entered into an Android licensing agreement. Considering Samsung s size and Android portfolio, this is a very big deal. Read More >

Apple Will Hold iPhone Event on Oct. 4

Apple has set an iPhone event at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters for Oct. 4. It could be the iPhone 5 unveiling. Read More >

Apple to Unveil iPhone 5 on Oct. 4: Report

Apple's iPhone 5 will make its debut Oct. 4, with new CEO Tim Cook taking the stage to host the unveiling, according to a new report. Read More >

NPD: Windows Phone 7 Threatens Android's Dominance

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 could threaten Google's Android smartphone dominance, according to NPD Group's Connected Intelligence. Microsoft must boost its brand recognition. Read More >

Microsoft CEO Ballmer: More Effort Needed to Boost Windows Phone Sales

While admitting that the company hasn't sold as many Windows Phones in the first year as he would have hoped, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sounded a note of optimism about the smartphone platform's prospects. Read More >

Microsoft, Android Could Cause Fragmentation of Smartphone Market

Google Android and Microsoft's lawsuit efforts could poke manufacturers to embrace mobile operating systems like webOS, fragmenting the industry further. Read More >

Google Defending Partner HTC Against Apple With Patent Sale

Google is helping HTC attack Apple in court by furnishing mobile technology patents that take aim at the iPhone functionality. The move shows Google is defending its partners. Read More >

Windows Phone Focus of New HTC Devices, Lawsuit

HTC offered a glimpse at two Windows Phone "Mango" devices, even as a lawsuit appeared over Windows Phone's supposed user tracking. Read More >

Research Editor Guy Currier Discusses Trends in New Mobile Apps

New features have come to mobile app development - HTML5, location awareness, near-field communications (NFC). Guy Currier, Senior Editor / Research, talks with Eric about mobile app research planned for release at the October CTIA tradeshow. Read More >

RIM's New Curve Sports BlackBerry 7 OS

RIM will release three new Curve smartphones running its BlackBerry 7 OS. It s part of a larger BlackBerry refresh the company hopes will help it retain market share. Read More >

Android Holds 52% U.S. Smartphone Share: NPD

Google's Android mobile operating system commanded 52 percent of U.S. smartphones sold for the second quarter, according to NPD Group. Motorola meanwhile is being acquired by Google. Read More >

RIM's PlayBook Still Alive Despite Tough Market Competition

RIM's PlayBook continues to hold onto the tablet market by its fingernails, despite the deaths of other high-profile rivals such as Hewlett-Packard's TouchPad. Read More >

Research Editor Guy Currier Discusses Trends in New Mobile Apps

CTIA holds two annual tradeshows now, and the one in San Diego in October has a particular focus on enterprise mobility. Show host Eric Lundquist and Senior Editor / Research Guy Currier will be unveiling a new study at CTIA covering the latest trends and features in mobile app development for the enterprise. In this video segment they discuss HTML5, location awareness and LBS, near-field... Read More >

T-Mobile's BlackBerry Bold 9900 Is Its First 4G BlackBerry

T-Mobile's upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be the carrier s first 4G-enabled BlackBerry. Read More >

After Google, Motorola Merger, Should Microsoft Buy Nokia or RIM?

Google's acquisition of Motorola could drive Microsoft to purchase Nokia or RIM, according to some analysts. Would that be a good idea? Read More >

Google Agrees to Buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion

Google agreed to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, a move to protect Android from the rampant patent infringement litigation and give Google a hardware counterpart to Apple. Read More >

Google, Motorola Deal: What's it Mean for Android, Windows Phone?

Google's $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility is a bold step into the hardware-manufacturing arnea, putting the search giant in direct competition with the likes of Apple, BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion, and Nokia. The company will also need to walk a delicate line with other handset manufacturers, such as Samsung and HTC, that have embraced Google's Android smartphone OS. Read More >

Verizon, Sprint, RIM Ready BlackBerry 7 OS Phones for Launch

RIM and its carrier partners are ramping up to launch the newest generation of BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry 7 OS. Read More >

Nokia's Windows Phone Launch Will Mark End of Symbian Phone Sales in U.S.

Nokia reportedly plans to abandon Symbian smartphones and feature phones, doubling down on its Windows Phone bet. Read More >

Android Smartphone Market Share Hits 40% in U.S.: ComScore

Google's Android platform has topped 40 percent market share in June up from 38 percent in May, said comScore. Apple's iOS remained No. 2 with 26.6 percent share. Read More >

Apple's iPhone 5, Android Ready to Rule 2012 Smartphone Market?

Nobody can predict the future with certainty, and it would be a fool's game to try and predict the various vendors precise market share a year from now. That being said, there s enough data floating around to make some (relatively) educated guesses about the state of the market come 2012. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Tools To Keep Employees Productive On the Road

As the global workforce becomes ever more mobile, your job as a CIO is to ensure that employees on the road are just as productive as they would be in the office. To make things easier, a host of solutions living in the cloud are designed to help you achieve that goal. And, thanks to a wealth of wireless device options, folks can be working no matter where they are. But, as you know all too... Read More >

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